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ainsi que


Un très beau site en flash, sur un sujet grave...

Le PIRE job de toute la galaxie... stoppeur de Spam (80% des emails sont des pourriels - 80% !!!!)

A spam fighter's work is never done - 27.03.03
Suresh Ramasubramanian's job is to stop junk e-mail from ever getting to your in box. But for every spammer he blocks, a dozen more rise up. "The challenge we face is the same challenge little Hans Brinker faced when he stuck his finger into that dam," Ramasubramanian said. "We know that as soon as we let our collective fingers slip out of the thousands of tiny holes we are plugging we will drown in a massive sea of spam.


Les militaires vont ils demander la tête de Donald Rumsfeld ? Si même le très pro-guerre WP l'écrit...

Rumsfeld Faulted For Troop Dilution Military Officers: Forces in Iraq Are Inadequate

Washington Post - March 30, 2003
Current and former U.S. military officers are blaming Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld and his aides for the inadequate troop strength on the ground in Iraq, saying the civilian leaders "micromanaged" the deployment plan out of mistrust of the generals and an attempt to prove their own theory that a light, maneuverable force could handily defeat Iraqi President Saddam Hussein

La vision russe du conflit... ils s'y connaissent en bourbiers, les russes
Un site bien informé (visiblement en contact avec les services secrets russes) et très intéressant... dommage que le webaster soit un néo-nazi.

War in Iraq - traduction anglaise du site

The IRAQWAR.RU analytical center was created recently by a group of journalists and military experts from Russia to provide accurate and up-to-date news and analysis of the war against Iraq. The following is the English translation of the IRAQWAR.RU report based on the Russian military intelligence reports.

Analyse très intéressante de la situation militaire en Irak. A LIRE

War in Iraq - The first strategic lessons of the war March 30, 2003
The first week of the war surprised a number of military analysts and experts. The war in Iraq uncovered a range of problems previously left without a serious discussion and disproved several resilient myths. The first myth is about the precision-guided weapons as the determining factor in modern warfare, weapons that allow to achieve strategic superiority without direct contact with the enemy. On the one hand we have the fact that during the past 13 years the wars were won by the United States with minimum losses and, in essence, primarily through the use of aviation. At the same time, however, the US military command was stubborn in ignoring that the decisive factor in all these wars was not the military defeat of the resisting armies but political isolation coupled with strong diplomatic pressure on the enemy's political leadership. It was the creation of international coalitions against Iraq in 1991, against Yugoslavia in 1999 and against Afghanistan in 2001 that ensured the military success. TheAmerican command preferred not to notice the obvious military failures during expeditions to Granada, Libya and Somalia, discounting them as "local operations" not deserving much attention.

Et après la guerre ? Que va t'il se passer ? Bush a peut-être ouvert sa propre boite de Pandore...

Behind the Lines

New York Metro - 31.03.03
It may even be, against all the odds, that after a quarter-century of political somnambulance, people have come alive again—either ominously or hopefully. That a new, passionate opposition is in play (with each side maintaining that the other is really the would-be usurper). That something great and terrible is being born.

Les américains voient-ils la même guerre que le reste du monde ?

War as Viagra

In this regard, it is almost impossible to read the European press and not think there exist two different worlds. Either the Euros—who seem far more installed on the ground in Iraq and across the Gulf and Middle East, and for far longer than American reporters or any American news organization—are making it all up: the dangers, the obstacles, the risks, the real stakes. Or the American press is downright befuddled, or ignorant, or in some kind of immense PR fog, or, well, just too excited for words. Even the Times , with its all-out wartime mobilization, seems largely to be spoon-fed from the Pentagon and to be unnaturally aroused by the bigness of it all (war as Viagra).

La Propagande continue... cette fois c'est Tony Blair qui joue les utilités de l' US-Air Force pour faire croire que ce sont des missiles irakiens qui sont tombés sur le marché de Bagdad.
Malheureusement les débris de missile sont clairement américains.

Being lied to

Russel Brown's HardNews Mar 31, 2003
Over the weekend, spokesmen for Tony Blair put word about that Saddam had sacked his commander of air defences after a series of surface-to-air missiles landed on Baghdad. This, they said gave reason for "scepticism" over claims that the bombing of two marketplaces in Baghdad this week were the result of coalition attacks on the city. (...)So by far the most likely explanation is that these 62 civilians were in fact killed by missiles from a US aircraft, and that coalition command knows this very well, but rather than admit it, is raising a smokescreen with allegations about wayward Iraqi missiles based on unverifiable "intelligence".,

De toute façon, c'est systématiquement la faute à Saddam... même quand les pilotes US ne savent pas viser correctement.

Pentagon pins all deaths on Saddam

Sydney Morning Herald - March 28 2003
Rejecting responsibility for the mounting civilian toll in Iraq, the Pentagon is adopting the political strategy of blaming all such casualties on Saddam Hussein. "Any casualty that occurs, any death that occurs, is a direct result of Saddam Hussein's policies," a spokeswoman for the United States Secretary of Defence, Donald Rumsfeld, told journalists. The statement came after reports that a US missile strike on Baghdad had killed 15 civilians and wounded many others in the Sha'ab market district.

Quelqu'un, chez NSI aux USA, joue la fibre patriotique en interdisant l'accès au domaine d'Al Jazeera qui a osé montrer les photos des prisoniers de guerre américains. Comme quoi l'Internet est bien moins libre qu'on ne le croit...

Bad Internet

Russel Brown's HardNews Mar 28, 2003 11:49
Al-Jazeera is to move its web servers out of the US to a place - somewhere in Europe - where freedom of speech is held in higher regard. (...)The Melbourne Age story suggests that some DNS records (including those for the Iraqi state ISP) may actually have been altered. Vik Olliver, who has been exploring the problem with the New Zealand Linux Users Group, drew a similar conclusion after attempts to reach late yesterday (it had been reachable up till about 4pm) returned the message: connection timed out; no servers could be reached . "Note that a DDoS attack will not remove an entry from a DNS server," she says. "There is a different error if a domain server cannot be contacted at all. It looks like someone actually pulled the files from the DNS server - the error was returned by the server after all, so it could be reached - and that would involve a US domain server security breach of serious proportions. Unless it was deliberate. "Google is also refusing to display cached pages from Al Jazeera.",


Un américain a découvert une faille juridique qui rend l'impôt sur le revenu illégal. Le gouvernement fait saisir son livre....

'The Federal Mafia' Book seized by Court Order from the IRS

As U.S. Forces seek to bring democracy to Iraq , the U.S. Government is seeking to eliminate it here. On Wednesday, March 19, 2003 , Federal District Court Judge, Lloyd D. George granted the Government's Motion to ban Irwin Schiff from selling and distributing his book The Federal Mafia: How The Government Illegally Imposes and Unlawfully Collects Income Taxes. The Mafia, first published in 1990, has sold over 75,000 copies and can be found in most libraries, including the UNLV law library. The banning of Schiff's book was based on a hearing in which no Government witness testified under oath or could be cross-examined by Schiff. Schiff noted that Judge George banned the book without even reading it, and apparently saw it for the first time at the hearing.


La "mini-loi-DMCA" sur le droit d'auteur, voté par le Michigan, interdit de fait les connections cryptées, SSL, VPN etc.!

Michigan Legislature votes mini-DMCA

Comments by FC : Section 1b unambiguously makes vpns and some sorts of connection encryption software illegal. anonymous remailers are now illegal in michigan. It may even affect ssl connections. Section 1c makes wardriving illegal, along with making connections to open wireless networks. Section 1c.2 makes illegal installing vpn software &c.


Le mieux dans cet article c'est encore la photo du mec qui l'a écrit :-))
et le nom du Professeur qui a fait l'étude !!!!!

Understanding the Psychology of Programmers 26.03.03
Contrary to popular belief, programmers more frequently resemble artists than scientists. If you want to maximize the creative potential on your development team, you've got to start thinking about the psychology of the programmer and be willing to back it up with management policy.   Professor Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi of Chicago University, formerly the chair of the psychology department, has studied hundreds of exceptional individuals, from IT entrepreneurs to Nobel Prize winners, researching creativity. He has written many books and papers on the subjects of flow and creativity.

Faille dans Acrobat et Reader versions 4 et 5

Graphiline 28.03.03
Quelques semaine avant le lancement de la version 6 d'Acrobat par Adobe, une importante faille de sécurité semble y avoir été découverte. Les logiciels Acrobat Reader et Acrobat ne peuvent normalement charger que les plugins possédant une signature numérique avec une clé de contrôle fournie par Adobe . En outre, certains plugins signés par Adobe utilisent leur propre clé privée, passant ainsi en mode privilégié. L'intégration du mécanisme de certification est relativement simple. Il est donc facile, pour un hacker de développer un plugin qui semblera avoir la certification Adobe et donc de se charger en mode privilégié. Ces plugins peuvent, une fois chargés dans Acrobat , exécuter n'importe quelle action et programme : manipulation de fichier, accès à la base de registre Windows ... Cette faille est très sérieuse commente Vladimir Katalov d'ElcomSoft qui vient de la mettre à jour ce problème, les systèmes d'exploitations Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP tournant avec les versions 4.x et 5.x d'Acrobat sont touchés. Aucun patch n'est disponible actuellement.

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