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ainsi que


29/30 Avril 1945:

Le 29 avril Benito Mussolinni, sa maitresse Clara Petacci et 15 autres dignitaires fascistes sont arretés et exécutés par des partisans dans le nord de l'italie et leurs corps accrochés tête en bas à une station service de Milan. Quand Adolf Hitler l'apprend au fond de son bunker à Berlin, il prend la décision de se suicider avec Eva Braun le lendemain, 30 Avril.

29 Avril 1945 :

L'armée américaine libère le camp de Dachau, près de Munich.

29 avril 1992 :

Un jury entièrement blanc déclare non coupable les policiers qui avaient sauvagement battu l'automobiliste noir Rodney King, lors d'une arrestation. Le verdict déclenche une émeute à Los Angeles, causant la mort de 60 personnes et détruisant des quartiers entiers.

Et pour finir... la Loi du mort/kilomètre :

Le 30 Avril 1991, un cyclone frappe la côte du Bangladesh faisant CENT TRENTE HUIT MILLE MORTS. Oui, oui, vous avez bien lu. Les journaux en ont parlé en page 15. Au delà d'un certain nombre de morts, ça finit par devenir des statistiques.


World Press Award expose les meilleures photos presse de l'année 2002 à Hambourg
(visionnez les photos en ligne)

[ 30.04.03]
Preisgekrönte Pressefotos sind ab Donnerstag in Hamburg zu sehen. Eine Ausstellung im Gruner+Jahr-Pressehaus zeigt 177 Fotographien von 54 Bildreportern, die beim „World Press Photo Award“ als die besten Pressefotos des Jahres 2002 ausgezeichnet wurden.

Trop fort : une mouche avec serveur web embarqué !
et l'adresse du serveur /

Trop fort : les américains ne connaissent pas encore le SMS !!!!

The cell phone feature that could save lives

[Anchordesk 03.04.2003]
All of these messages were sent via something called short message service (more commonly known as SMS), a cellular feature that's widely used in Asia and Europe but mostly ignored here in the States. Euro-teens use SMS almost like PC-based instant messaging; in Asia, SMS has caught on with adults as well. (...) Getting routine alerts--weather advisories, traffic reports, and the occasional terrorist threat/dire epidemic warning--would probably help turn Americans into a nation of SMS readers, if not active senders.,10738,2913513,00.html


Achetez ce T-Shirt avant de partir en vacances... ça peut servir !

Défoulez vous.... mettez des claques à George Bush (et autres)

Aaaaah ! Ils les ont enfin "trouvées" les preuves !!!

The proof that Saddam worked with bin Laden

[The UK Telegraph - The Toronto Star 27.04.03]
Iraqi intelligence documents discovered in Baghdad by The Telegraph have provided the first evidence of a direct link between Osama bin Laden's al-Qa'eda terrorist network and Saddam Hussein's regime. Papers found yesterday in the bombed headquarters of the Mukhabarat, Iraq's intelligence service, reveal that an al-Qa'eda envoy was invited clandestinely to Baghdad in March 1998. The documents show that the purpose of the meeting was to establish a relationship between Baghdad and al-Qa'eda based on their mutual hatred of America and Saudi Arabia. The meeting apparently went so well that it was extended by a week and ended with arrangements being discussed for bin Laden to visit Baghdad.

Par contre il y a une petite contradiction.. qui a trouvé ces papiers ?

Le Telegraph dit : "The Telegraph found the file on bin Laden inside a folder lying in the rubble of one of the rooms of the destroyed intelligence HQ. There are three pages, stapled together; two are on paper headed with the insignia and lettering of the Mukhabarat." Tandis que le Star prétend : "The documents were found by correspondent Mitch Potter, the Star's Jerusalem bureau chief. Potter, who has been in and out of Iraq since the war began, was digging through the rubble of the Mukhabarat's Baghdad headquarters with his translator Amir when they uncovered the intelligence treasure trove. "

Et le Evening Standard n'hésite pas a rajouter des gens sur les photos à l'aide du logiciel Photoshop pour faire croire à une foule pro-US

Doctored Photo from the London Evening Standard

On 9 April 2003, the front page of the London Evening Standard (circulation: 400,000 ) contained a blurry image supposedly showing a throng of Iraqis in Baghdad celebrating the toppling of Saddam Hussein. What we are really looking at is an incredibly ham-fisted attempt at photo manipulation. The source of the image is footage from the BBC. The Standard 's paperboys were obviously allowed to clone and blur the image in numerous ways to make it look like a gigantic crowd. This was first exposed Simone Moore and posted on the UK Indymedia site. A user named Gnu posted the image below, which highlights some of the most obvious signs of fakery.

Les américains ne traitent pas tous les terroristes de la même façon...

American Forces Reach Cease-Fire With Terror Group

[NY Times 28.04.03]
American forces in Iraq have signed a cease-fire with an Iranian opposition group the United States has designated a terrorist organization, and expect it to surrender soon with some of its arms, American military officials said today. Under the deal, signed on April 15 but confirmed by the United States Central Command only today, United States forces agreed not to damage any of the group's vehicles, equipment or any of its property in its camps in Iraq, and not to commit any hostile act toward the Iranian opposition forces covered by the agreement. In return, the group, the People's Mujahedeen, which will be allowed to keep its weapons for now, agreed not to fire on or commit other hostile acts against American forces, not to destroy private or government property, and to place its artillery and antiaircraft guns in nonthreatening positions.


L'argent n'a pas d'odeur.. sauf quand il sent le foutre sur ebay/paypal

PayPal turns off the red light

eBay's payment unit revises its policy and will phase out payments for sexually themed merchandise for sale on eBay and elsewhere.

Le ministère de la culture australien subventionne un jeu vidéo qui se moque de la politique d'immigration du gouvernement australien !

Escape game wires the minister

[Sydney Morning Herald 30.04.03]
It's a dose of virtual reality that the Immigration Minister could probably do without: a computer game in which players try to escape from Australian detention centres has received $25,000 in federal funding. The policy of mandatory incarceration of refugees has divided Australians, and led to violent protests equalled only by the anti-Iraq invasion protests. Refugees are locked up in desert high security prison camps, or fired upon by Australian military vessels on the open seas. Their crime is coming to Australia to seek a better life.


Elle est superbe la nouvelle affiche anti-piratage du RIAA ! :-))

La RIAA se met au SPAM

Music Industry Sends Warning to Song Swappers

[Yahoo News 29.04.03]
LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - The record industry opened a new front in its war against online piracy on Tuesday by surprising hundreds of thousands of Internet song swappers with an instant message warning that they could be "easily" identified and face "legal penalties" for their actions. About 200,000 users of the Grokster and Kazaa file-sharing services received the warning notice on Tuesday and millions more will get notices in coming weeks, said Cary Sherman, president of the Recording Industry Association of America, the trade group for the music companies. The message said in part: "It appears that you are offering copyrighted music to others from your computer. ...When you break the law, you risk legal penalties. There is a simple way to avoid that risk: DON'T STEAL MUSIC either by offering it to others to copy or downloading it on a 'file-sharing' system like this. When you offer music on these systems, you are not anonymous and you can easily be identified."

Après les missionnaires, voici que la RIAA débarque en Irak pour pourchasser les copies pirates....

RIAA's Rosen 'writing Iraq copyright laws'

[The Register 29.04.03]
Chief executive for the Recording Industry Association of America, Hilary Rosen, is helping draft copyright legislation for the New Iraq, according to investigative journalist Gregory Palast. "Who's really going to win this war? It looks like Madonna," Palast told Democracy Now radio. "Where before, they feared Saddam Hussein, now they have to fear Sony Records will chop off their hands if they bootleg a Madonna album." Under Iraqi copyright legislation, passed by The Revolution Leadership Council in 1971, a copyright lapses 25 years after the death of the author, but no more then fifty years after the publication of the work. It's shorter for private works, and there are several public interest exemptions. We wonder which member of The Revolution Leadership Council penned this, or whether someone wrote it for them, but the real author of this enlightened document ought to step forward. Maybe they could help liberate the USA - which extended copyright to seventy years after the author's death - from Hollywood.

La Belgique suit l'exemple français

Belgium to tax rewritable CDs

[CNET - 26.03.04]
The Belgian federal government will quietly introduce a tax on rewritable CDs May 1, the office of the country's minister of economy confirmed. Officially called a "compensation for personal use," the tax will add 12 euro cents (13 cents) per hour to the price of a CD-R. The proceeds are earmarked for composers, copyright holders and performers.

Le groupe de Hackers "Fluffi Bunni" intercepté par la police

Fluffi Bunni nabbed at InfoSec

[The register 30.04.03]
Über hacker Fluffi Bunni was arrested by the Metropolitan Police on Tuesday, while attending InfoSecurity 2003, in London. Or rather the police collared Lynn Htun, 24, alleged head of the group of hackers using the collective moniker Fluffi Bunni, on outstanding fraud charges. Fluffi Bunni's most famous exploit was the mass DNS hack of NetNames, a domain name registrar, in September 2001. This enabled the group to deface thousands of web sites with the message: "Fluffi Bunni goes Jihad" - "If you want to see the internet again, give us Mr Bin Laden and $5 million in a brown paper bag. Love Fluffi B."


Les publicitaires sur Internet adoptent des mesures désespérées...


Designed to Open Between Same-Site Page Views

[AdAge 29.04.03]
Unicast is attempting to introduce a new on-line ad format that takes over the entire screen of the PC for about 15 seconds and must be closed by the viewer. "The ultra-intrusive new format opens when a user is on one page of a Web site and clicks a link to go to another page on the same site. Instead of seeing that new page, the user sees an ad that fills the entire screen.""

Un des Gourous du Net est catégorique... la pub sur le Web ça marche pas !

Will Plain-Text Ads Continue to Rule?

[Jakob Nielsen 's Alertbox, 21.04.03]
Text-only advertisements work far better than banners, but is this only due to their novelty? Search engine text ads will retain their superiority over time, but text ads on other sites will work only if they focus on directly meeting users' needs. In general, advertising doesn't work on the Web , a fact that has been clear to usability researchers since 1997. Users ignore ads because they are contrary to the Web's basic imperative , which is to let users go where they want and get their information needs instantly gratified.

Ils transformeront leurs épées en charrues - et leur chargeurs de Kalash en lecteur MP3

Des MP3 dans une KALASHNIKOV

[soneHD 28.04.03]
Il est désormais possible d'enclencher un lecteur mp3 à la place du chargeur de munition d'une KALASHNIKOV. L'intéret est certes très limité mais si tout le monde en achète il y aura peut-etre moins de morts. L'accessoire est tout de même doté d'un disque dur de 20Go, ce qui permettra de tenir toute la guerre sur une seule playlist.

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