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[AlterNet 07.05.03]
Following Gandhi's lead, victims are hunger striking to force Dow Chemical to release information that could help those still suffering.

Bientôt va falloir coller des timbres sur vos emails !

Taxing e-mail in the hopes of canning spam

[Financial Times 05.05.03]
The simplest way to regulate spam is through a tax. This requires smashing some myths. A decade ago, Americans were gulled by politicians of both parties into believing that taxing the internet exceeded the government's capability. When that proved to be manifestly untrue, they were told that a tax would be an affront to some mythic libertarian "spirit of the internet". The tax moratorium on internet sales has always been supremely unfair, offering, say, Amazon a de facto subsidy against taxpaying local bookstores. But, very soon, the Internet should turn into a penny post, with a levy of 1 cent per letter. This would cost the average e-mailer about $10 a year. Small companies would pay bills in the hundreds of dollars; very large ones in the thousands. And spammers would be driven to honest employment. The tax could be made progressive by exempting, say, those who sent fewer than 5,000 letters a year. The proceeds could go to maintain and expand bandwidth."

Le réseau Voltaire vous propose sa "Petite Bibliothèque Anticléricale" :-))


[RV 07.05.03]
La sélection bibliographique suivante présente plusieurs différences. Elle se limite à dix titres tout en ayant l'ambition d'offrir un panorama complet des sujets traités. Toutes les religions monothéistes sont mises à la question dans les deux premiers titres, puis le judaïsme, le catholicisme, le protestantisme et l'islam ont droit chacune à deux volumes spécifiques. Les auteurs ne sont pas issus du sérail anticlérical, même si on peut les définir comme des laïques au sens large. Outre le sujet, c'est la qualité de leur travail qui justifie leur sélection, avec une inévitable subjectivité.

L'ONU casque bleu dans une affaire de liberté d'expression

[ZDnet 07.05.03]
L'Australie a des lois sur la diffamation qui outrepassent la liberté de parole protégée par le droit américain. Un journaliste de Dow Jones conteste le fait d'y être jugé pour des propos diffamatoires parus sur le net. Il demande un arbitrage au sommet.,,t118-s2134319,00.html?nl=zdnews_txt


On trouve de tout dans les caves de la police secrète de Saddam Hussein

Iraqi Documents on Israel Surface on a Cultural Hunt

[NY Times 07.05.03]
What began today as a hunt for an ancient Jewish text at secret police headquarters here wound up unearthing a trove of Iraqi intelligence documents and maps relating to Israel as well as offers of sales of uranium and other nuclear material to Iraq. In one huge room in the flooded basement of the building, American soldiers from MET Alpha, the "mobile exploitation team" that has been searching for nuclear, biological and chemical weapons in Iraq for the past three months, found maps featuring terrorist strikes against Israel dating to 1991. Another map of Israel highlighted what the Iraqis thought were the locations at which their Scud missiles had struck in the Persian Gulf war of 1991. The strikes were designated by yellow-and-red paper flowers placed atop the pinpointed Israeli neighborhoods. Team members floated out of the room a perfect mock-up of the Knesset, the Israeli Parliament, as well as mock-ups of downtown Jerusalem and official Israeli buildings in very fine detail. They also collected a satellite picture of Dimona, Israel's nuclear complex, and a female mannequin dressed in an Israeli Air Force uniform, standing in front of a list of Israeli officers' ranks and insignia.


[AlterNet 07.05.03]
Arab media are reporting widespread contamination near Baghdad after U.S. Marines broke seals on containers holding radioactive materials. The containers were later looted by Iraqis.

Bush nomme un partisan de la guerre totale pour superviser le processus politique en Irak

Charting a course for war

[The Washington Times 13.01.03]
- le WashTimes appartient à la secte Moon et soutient les "faucons". L. Paul Bremer - who was appointed by the Bush administration to oversee the political transformation of Iraq, has detailed his policy in a WashTimes article : "Historians will look back on the year 2002 as the start of a long war on terrorism. What is likely to be their judgement and what remains to be done? L. Paul Bremer III was ambassador-at-large for counterterrorism in the Reagan administration. He is the chairman of the National Commission on Terrorism and the chairman and CEO of Marsh Crisis Consulting.

Un parlementaire travailliste attaque l'influence de la droite israélienne sur le politique anglaise

Dalyell steps up attack on Levy

[The Guardian 06.05.03]
The Labour MP Tam Dalyell yesterday scornfully brushed aside accusations of anti-semitism but stood by the allegation that has landed him in political trouble, that "there is far too much Jewish influence in the United States" and one over-influential Jew in Tony Blair's entourage.
"I believe his influence has been very important on the prime minister and has led to what I see as this awful war and the sack of Baghdad," said Mr Dalyell, who has long been a critic of Israeli expansionism and insists that many Jews are also "desperately unhappy about it'.'
The father of the Commons, an MP for 41 years and a pillar of the "awkward squad" for most of them, Mr Dalyell qualified his criticisms only to the extent of saying he was not attacking Jewish influence as such, but what he called the "Sharon-Likudnik agenda" of the hardliners - led by Ariel Sharon's Likud party - who dominate Israeli politics.,9061,950116,00.html

Inciter les troupes à désobéir... mais ça mérite le peloton d'exécution ça !

Labour suspends Galloway as third inquiry is launched

[The Independent UK 07.05.03]
The maverick MP George Galloway was suspended yesterday by the Labour Party, which launched an internal investigation into his conduct during the Iraq conflict. The inquiry was provoked by comments made by Mr Galloway on Abu Dhabi television in which he accused Tony Blair and President George Bush of being "wolves" for attacking Iraq and urged British soldiers to refuse to obey "illegal" orders.

La couverture partisane de la guerre en Irak a ouvert les yeux à bon nombre d'américains...

Media Tonic for War Fever

[Technology Review 07.05.03]
Many Americans got their news and attitudes about the Iraq war from alternative sources showing far more skepticism than mainstream U.S. television. "Comparing the news coverage of the war in Iraq with the telecasts of the Olympics was dead on. Sometime during the first few days of the war I was watching tv and it hit me...this is the same format used to spoon-feed the Olympics to the American public. Once that light went on, the American news went off." -Matt Williams "If the author's premise is true, that the major news outlets have shifted right, is the cause that there is a vast conspiracy, or simply, that the American people can make decisions for themselves in regards to which media outlets are credible, and which are not."- Mark Scriffiny "When the US president arrived on that aircraft carrier to deliver another belligerent speech, the media present, inevitably, went into raptures about his appearance. One news commentator described him as a combination of 'the commander-in-chief and a rock star.' Another gushed about how 'dashing' he looked. All agreed it was an 'historic occasion.' Such vacuous adoration would be comical if not for the context."- Rahul Goswami

L'Afghanistan prépare son entrée dans l'ère du numérique

[Neteconomie 07.05.03]
Le PNUD a annoncé mardi la publication d'un rapport attendu sur les conditions requises au développement de l'utilisation de l'informatique en Afghanistan.


Selon un ministre allemand, les USA sont entrain de devenir un état policier et les allemands s'y connaissent en la matière !

Envoy dubs US a police state

[The Times of London 06.05.03]
THE strained relations between Germany and the United States took a turn for the worse yesterday after a senior Berlin diplomat was reported to have told Foreign Ministry colleagues that America was turning into a “police state”. The comments of Jürgen Chrobog, the State Secretary, reported in the German Focus magazine, threatened to disrupt intense diplomatic efforts to repair the relationship between Gerhard Schröder, the Chancellor, and President Bush. Herr Chrobog is said to have given a blistering critique of the US-German relationship during the annual meeting of German ambassadors, complaining that America was “restricting more and more its civic liberties at home”,,5944-670840,00.html

Des oeuvres d'art anti-patriotiques dans une école ? Vite !!! La police !!!!

And now : the Art Police

[Rotten & Lycos News 05.05.03]
Last month an on-duty uniformed police officer in Barre, Vermont intimidated a janitor into unlocking a classroom in order to take pictures of various class projects therein. The cop decided that he wanted photographs of some unpatriotic art pieces, which included "a poster of President Bush with duct tape over his mouth, and a large papier-mache combat boot with the American flag stuffed inside stepping on a doll." Officer John Mott defended his actions as befitting "a resident and a voter and a taxpayer of this community." Regarding his choice to arrive in uniform and late at night when there weren't any school officials to deal with, Mott claims he was on a break


[AlterNet 07.05.03]
Radio frequency identification chips attached to cars and clothing are already threatening our privacy.


[AlterNet 07.05.03]
Despite widespread protests and the Clear Channel debacle, the FCC is about to award the nation's biggest media conglomerates a new giveaway that will further concentrate media ownership in fewer hands.


Europe : un internaute reçoit 5 spams par jour

[JDN 07.05.03]
Les internautes américains sont deux fois plus exposés avec, en moyenne, dix spams par jour. D'ici 2008, l'internaute européen devra affronter quotidiennement une trentaine de spams.

La nouvelle tendance du SPAM: le racisme

New spam trend: Racist bulk email

[NY Daily News 05.05.03]
Hate-filled E-mails targeting African-Americans, Arabs and Muslims flooded the inboxes of undergraduate students during a recent hacking spree at NYU's Stern School of Business. More than 100 messages were sent to the school's 1,600 students. Many used the N-word liberally and included lengthy arguments in support of stereotypes.

Le Sommet contre le Spam

Want to stop spammers? Charge 'em

[Declan McCullagh 05.05.03]
I spent last week at the Federal Trade Commission's three-day spam summit where hundreds of people, fed up with the skyrocketing amount of unsolicited bulk e-mail, gathered to figure out how to stop it. On Friday morning, though, FTC Commissioner Orson Swindle said something that made a lot of sense. "I don't care if it's commercial, religious or entertainment (spam). It's all pollution," he said. That's exactly right, and it's how we need to start thinking about spam. Spam is not primarily a technological or legal problem: It's an economic one. From an economic perspective, spam is just another form of pollution, an activity that imposes costs on people without their permission. Like all polluters, spammers impose these costs because of the benefits to them--in this case, the profits they make from sales, however few.


Le Sénat donne de nouvelles armes à la lutte contre les pirates

[01Net 07.05.03]
Début avril, les sénateurs ont envisagé d'autoriser les personnes morales victimes d'infraction à conserver, traiter et utiliser les données personnelles des pirates, dont les adresses IP font partie.

Infogrames devient Atari

[L'expansion 07.05.03]
Le leader européen du jeu vidéo Infogrames va changer de nom et prendre à l'avenir celui de sa marque Atari, récupérée lors de l'achat en ...


Les vrais enjeux du WHOIS, par Loïc Damilaville

[JDN 07.05.03]
Cette base de données publique permet de savoir qui possède un nom de domaine. Les débats sur le périmètre des informations devant y être publiées sont loin d'être sans conséquence pour les entreprises....

Des mouvements associatifs explorent "un autre Wi-Fi"

[JDN 07.05.03]
A l'image de la Fédération Française du Wireless ou de ParisOpenNetwork, ces relais à but non lucratif veulent promouvoir l'Internet haut débit sans fil à leur manière, souvent hors des opérateurs commerciaux.

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