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Ah ! Enfin ! Des nouvelles de Momo !!!!

Revealed: the last moments before Iraq's propaganda chief succumbed to reality

[The Telegraph 04/05/03]
The moment when Saddam Hussein's faithful minister of information, Mohammad Said Sahhaf, finally accepted that the game was up is revealed today by The Telegraph. In the dying days of the regime the indefatigable minister, dubbed "Comical Ali", had haunted a radio studio in Baghdad, urging engineers to carry on pumping out Saddam's propaganda. Even after the statue of Saddam was toppled on April 9, Mr Sahhaf refused to accept that Saddam's era was over. But in the early hours of April 10, with the sound of battle raging ever closer to the studio, in the al-Adhamiyah district, even Mr Sahhaf headed for the exit. "Sahhaf slowly removed his black beret," recalls Raibah Hassan, 35, the manager of the Hikmat studio, the last person to have seen Mr Sahhaf in public. "He folded down the epaulettes on his military jacket to hide his rank and then he reached for a red and white kaffiyeh scarf. "He wrapped it around his head as he told us to keep on re-broadcasting until 3am. He said goodbye, and then disappeared out of the back door." Last week, the minister whose outrageous proclamations during the war earned him an international cult following - record producers are to create a dance track sampling his most popular catchphrases - was reportedly trying to strike a deal with the Americans that would allow him to go into exile in Egypt.

Si, comme moi, Momo vous manque...

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Les ordinateurs, ça marche jamais quand on en a besoin...

Official Trapped in Car After Computer Fails

[Reuters 12.05.03]
Security guards smashed their way into an official limousine with sledgehammers on Monday to rescue Thailand's finance minister after his car's computer failed.


Vous voulez visiter la Palestine ? Signez ici l'autorisation de vous faire tuer par l'armée israélienne...

Mandatory death waivers for Gaza tourists

[Sydney Morning Herald 12.05.03]
"Foreigners to the Gaza Strip are being obliged to sign a waiver absolving Israeli forces from responsibility if they shoot them. ... The waiver to enter Gaza requires foreigners, including United Nations relief workers, to acknowledge that they are entering a danger zone and will not hold the Israeli Army responsible if they are shot or injured."

Chaud le collector ! Chaud !

Saddam Era Banknotes Up for Big Bucks at Web Sale

[Reuters 12.05.03]
LONDON (Reuters) - Iraqi banknotes, which are changing hands at a rate of 1,450 to the dollar in Baghdad, are being offered for sale at vastly inflated prices on the internet trading site Ebay. One seller based in Jordan is offering 100 dinar Saddam notes for $115, a massive 1,642 times their actual dollar value around seven cents.


Le rapport de la Commission indépendante sur la sécurité humaine

[Tribunes Libres Internationales 12.05.03]
Sadako Ogata présente dans l'International Herald Tribune le rapport de la Commission indépendante sur la sécurité humaine, qu'elle a remis le 1er mai à Kofi Annan. L'originalité de ce travail, destiné à préparer une réforme de l'ONU, est de montrer que la sécurité collective ne peut plus se fonder exclusivement sur les relations entre États, mais doit prioritairement inclure la dimension des droits individuels.

Court draws a line for online privacy

[ 12.05.03]
In a ruling that marks a victory for privacy proponents, a federal appeals panel is allowing a group of Web surfers to sue a company that gathered certain data about them without their consent. The decision, handed down Friday by the First Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals, clears the way for some pharmaceutical Web site users to pursue a class-action case against the operators of Boston-based Pharmatrak. The lawsuit alleges the now-defunct Web traffic analysis company violated the Electronic Communications Privacy Act (ECPA) by intercepting communications without permission. The ruling is significant because the appeals panel attempted to address some muddy legal issues related to online data collection. These questions include what, in the online world, constitutes protected "content" for the purposes of intercepting communications--a technique commonly used by law enforcement agencies.

Le FBI surveille vos lectures...

Checking What You Check Out

Librarians unite against government's new ability to peek at what you read

[TIME Magzine 05.05.03]
What makes librarians raise their voices above a whisper? Certain passages of the U.S.A. Patriot Act. Librarians are among the most vocal opponents of the law, taking particular exception to Section 215, which they claim makes it easier for the government to search library records. "A big part of the public library system was to sustain democracy so people could make up their own mind about things," says Carolyn Anthony, director of the Skokie Public Library near Chicago. "Aspects of the act compromise this.",9171,1101030512-449469,00.html

Censure en Iran

Iran Moves to Block Critical News Web Sites

[Reuters 11.05.03]
Iran has ordered new restrictions on the Internet, requiring service providers to block a number of critical news and immoral sites in the latest stage of a long-running crackdown on independent media.


Une enquête de MSN sur l'attitude vis à vis du SPAM

Consumers confused about spam

[Calgary Herald - 12.05.03]
If you react to unwanted e-mail by clicking on an "unsubscribe" link or otherwise asking to be removed from the mailer's list, you have a lot to learn about spam. Consumers are confused about how to keep junk e-mail from becoming a daily nuisance, according to a poll by Microsoft's MSN Internet portal. The online survey of 1,600 adult visitors to in March found that 23 per cent respond to spam with a request to be taken off the mailing list. "Replying to spam only . . . ensures the user will be a target for future spam mailings," MSN warns. The poll also indicates 42 per cent of Internet users do not know whom to contact to report spam, and 78 per cent have never reported spam to their Internet service providers. 3482-2DCC-4808-A074-894214BDF6C7

Un milliard de messages de SPAM !!!

EarthLink wins 'Buffalo Spammer' case

[ 12.05.03]
The ISP wins $16.4 million in a federal court judgment against a man who allegedly sent nearly a billion unsolicited commercial e-mails over EarthLink's networks.


On vous l'a dit et répéte : FAITES DES SAUVEGARDES !!!

Loner's rage burned after ruin of Web site

[Cleveland Plain Dealer 12.05.03]
Once upon a time, a man had a website. Then somebody hacked his system and wiped the disk. "Halder's outrage turned into a blizzard of complaints, from the courts to the FBI and Capitol Hill. He blamed the university and a computer lab assistant named Shawn Miller "the evil man," as Halder called him. [...] On Friday [he] stalked through Miller's workplace at the CWRU business school, firing a pistol and a machine gun in a seven-hour standoff that ended with one dead and three [wounded]."

Google va créer un moteur de recherche spécifique pour les Blog

Google to fix blog noise problem

[The Register UK 12.05.03]
Google is to create a search tool specifically for weblogs, most likely giving material generated by the self-publishing tools its own tab.

Une nouvelle cible pour les hackers... la couche Applis

Check Point Readies Deeper Security

[Information Week - 12.05.03]
In recent years, following the deployment of firewalls to secure the network perimeter, hackers have redirected their focus on networks to the more insecure application layer. Applications are often shipped with security holes


Un impôt sur les achats via Internet en Californie

California Senate Approves Net Tax Bill

[ 12.05.03]
On Thursday, the California state Senate approved a bill that requires businesses with stores in the state to charge their customers sales tax for purchases made over the Internet." The state's huge ($35 billion) budget deficit is named as a driving force for the measure.

Microsoft : Bill Gates admet qu'il fauche les idées d'Apple...

Microsoft Bites Apple, Apple Bites Back

[ 12.05.03]
hype7 writes "The NYT (free reg reqd etc) is running an interesting article on where MS seems to be getting all the ideas for its next big OS release, Longhorn. It's only a quickie, but they look at MS's big news from WinHEC, and their possible sources for inspiration. They also pull out that fantastic Bill Gates quote: 'The one thing Apple's providing now is leadership in colors'; and that Apple execs are now having a laugh of their own over how Longhorn, 'Microsoft's 2005 version of its Windows operating system, apes features that have been in Apple's OS X operating system since 2001.

Il a même fauché l'idée des WC informatisés... c'est grave ça !

Did Microsoft "borrow" the iLoo concept?

[The Inquirer 12.03.05]
A MAN WHO CLAIMS he was way ahead of Microsoft in describing an Internet ready toilet has supplied more evidence which he says substantiates his claim.

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