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ainsi que



En hommage à Douglas Adams, une équipe de devint à réalisé une version Java interactive du "Guide du Routard Galactique" Si vous arrivez à dépasser le premier niveau du jeu, c'est que vous êtes très, très fort... ou bien très, très stone !


Murdoch est l'homme le plus dangereux du monde !

[L' 13.05.03]
Ted Turner, l'ancien patron d'AOL, dans une interview à Fortune

Fabriquez vous même votre pétrole à partir de vos ordures ménagères....

Visualize: Garbage Into Oil

[MIT TechReview 14.05.03]
The recipe for making crude oil is relatively simple: combine the remains of ferns, jellyfish, and dinosaurs; cover with sediment; bury deep in the earth's crust; and apply pressure for millions of years--give or take an epoch. Or if you're pressed for time, run some turkey parts or used tires through the thermal process owned by Changing World Technologies of West Hempstead, NY. Our animated illustration shows how this company is trying to best Mother Nature.,2g7r,4rw,jiph,dtto,cm8z,cd4n

Encore mieux, transformez vous en pétrole après votre mort !

Technology turns turkey guts, human corpses into fuel

[ 10.05.03]
A pilot plant in Philadelphia is capable of converting 200 tons of turkey guts into hundreds of barrels of fuel oil. According to the entrepreneur behind the enterprise: "If a 175-pound man fell into one end, he would come out the other end as 38 pounds of oil, 7 pounds of gas, and 7 pounds of minerals, as well as 123 pounds of sterilized water."

Harry nous est revenu !!!!

[TB News 14.05.03]
Activision sort une version sur Internet de PITFALL ! Les aventures du fringant cadre Harry dans la Jungle, un des premiers jeu vidéo et qui fit la joie des grands enfants en 1982 sur ATARI 2600

Elle est française ? Foutez lui des baffes !!!!

Slap her ! She's french !!!

L'esprit de Dieu souffle où il veut... et peut même servir à gonfler l'église...

World's 1st Inflatable Church Opens to the Public

[Reuters 14.05.03]
ESHER, England (Reuters) - The world's first inflatable church opened its Gothic arches to worshippers on Tuesday to reveal a blow-up organ, a polyvinyl pulpit, an air-filled altar and fake stained glass windows. The church is the brainchild of British entrepreneur Michael Gill, who says it could breathe new life into Christianity by letting preachers take their message into their communities. A priest could carry it around on the back of truck and set it up on patches of grass or in village squares for impromptu services, he says.


En 1980 déjà, Amnesty et le Iraqi Democratic Council donnaient des détails sur les massacres de Saddam
mais à l'époque nous étions tous trop occupés à faire du bizness avec lui...

Iraqi mass grave contains 'more than ten thousand of Saddam's victims'

[The Independent UK 14.05.03]

Bon courage !


[Alternet 13/05/03]
The Bush foreign policy has made the emerging creation of a non-American, if not anti-American, military alliance almost inevitable.

La première phase du projet Muraviec (destabiliisation de l'Arabie Saoudite) aurait-elle commencée ?

US orders diplomats to leave Saudi Arabia

[The Independent UK 14.05.03]


Regardez la définition politique de 'F' dans le dictionnaire...


[Alternet 13/05/03]
It's time to say it in polite company, the U.S. has turned into a fascist state.

C'est fou comme tout cela réveille des souvenirs chez nous...


[The Nation 12.05.03]
The Pentagon's new command for 'the homeland' is the latest major erosion in the separation of civil and military forces.

Purification ethnique des listes électorales aux USA ?

Jim Crow Revived in Cyberspace

[Alternet 13/05/03]
Birmingham, Ala. – Astonishingly, and sadly, four decades after the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. marched in Birmingham, we must ask again, "Do African-Americans have the unimpeded right to vote in the United States?" (...) Today, there is a new and real threat to minority voters, this time from cyberspace: computerized purges of voter rolls. The menace first appeared in Florida in the November 2000 presidential election. While the media chased butterfly ballots and hanging chads, a much more sinister and devastating attack on voting rights went almost undetected.
In the two years before the elections, the Florida secretary of state's office quietly ordered the removal of 94,000 voters from the registries. Supposedly, these were convicted felons who may not vote in Florida. Instead, the overwhelming majority were innocent of any crime – and just over half were black or Hispanic.
How did mass expulsion of legal voters occur? At the heart of the ethnic purge of voting rights was the creation of a central voter file for Florida placed in the hands of an elected, and therefore partisan, official. Computerization and a 1998 "reform" law meant to prevent voter fraud allowed for a politically and racially biased purge of thousands of registered voters on the flimsiest of grounds.
Voters whose name, birth date and gender loosely matched that of a felon anywhere in America were targeted for removal. And so one Thomas Butler (of several in Florida) was tagged because a "Thomas Butler Cooper Jr." of Ohio was convicted of a crime. The legacy of slavery – commonality of black names – aided the racial bias of the "scrub list."


[San Francisco Chronicle 12.05.03]
Are we that far off from once again suffering the persecution of McCarthyism in this country?


Encore un mythe qui s'effondre...

Give six monkeys a computer, and what do you get? Certainly not Shakespeare

[Guardian 13.05.03]
It is a favourite question of pub philosophers everywhere. If you gave an infinite number of monkeys an infinite number of typewriters, would they eventually produce the complete works of Shakespeare? Exactly what happens when you give monkeys a computer? Now we know. "The lead male got a stone and started bashing the hell out of it. ... Another thing they were interested in was in defecating and urinating all over the keyboard." The researcher behind the test summed up the results: "It was a hopeless failure in terms of science but that's not really the point.,3604,952227,00.html

Le Overclocking puni par la Loi ?

Game Over for Mod Chips?

[MIT TechReview 14.05.03]
As an underground culture in game machine-tweaking hardware runs afoul of federal law, copyright protection is clashing with user innovation.,2g7r,4rw,2gsl,bei9,cm8z,cd4n


Mastercard attaqué pour ses commissions sur Internet

[L' 13.05.03]
Payer avec sa carte Mastercard sur Internet peut s'avérer plus coûteux que dans un magasin classique, selon le rapport Nilson qui surveille les ...

La Xbox se connecte au PC

[L' 13.05.03]
Fini les strasses et les paillettes chez Microsoft. Avec une perte de 190 millions de dollars sur le dernier trimestre pour sa division Home and Entertainment, ...

Bientôt l'écan d'ordinateur pliable et roulable ?

Flexible Display Slims Down

[MIT TechReview 14.05.03]
The long-running quest to build a computer screen that you can fold up and put in your pocket is a little closer to reality.,2g7r,4rw,91qd,17cp,cm8z,cd4n

Une revue de web thématique compilée (presque) quotidiennement par Yann Le Grand et Grégoire Seither
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