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Allô, ici Dieu...

[La Voix du Nord 01.06.03]
« Seigneur, il faut vraiment que je vous parle. Je dois me repentir car j'ai trompé mon mari cinq fois... » Des messages comme celui-là, Donna Augustin en a déjà reçu plus de 200 depuis qu‚est sorti aux Etats-Unis le dernier film de Jim Carrey. Dans « Bruce Almighty » (« Bruce Tout-Puissant », sortie en France le 3 septembre), le héros se voit doté de pouvoirs célestes par Dieu, qui le « bipe » régulièrement. Et à chaque fois apparaît à l‚écran le numéro de téléphone divin. Bien sûr, les scénaristes se sont assurés que ces sept chiffres ne correspondaient à rien là où se déroule l‚action. Mais dans le reste du pays, une trentaine d‚abonnés sont depuis harcelés par des esprits malins, des âmes perdues et surtout des petits anges facétieux qui ont retenu le numéro ! Parmi ces abonnés « maudits », une église dont le pasteur s‚appelle... Bruce, comme le héros d‚un film « qui tourne la religion en dérision ». Si Moïse avait possédé un portable, sûr que Yahvé lui aurait envoyé les tables de la Loi par SMS∑

C'est vraiment à la mode ce truc.. chacun y va de son jeu de cartes


[Réseau Voltaire]
Le jeu de carte du Régime Bush, disponible en téléchargement depuis quelques semaines sur ce site, est maintenant édité et peut être commandé en ligne. Au delà de son aspect ludique, ce jeu de 54 cartes est une présentation documentée de l'équipe qui a pris le pouvoir à Washington, le 11 septembre 2001. En achetant ce jeu, pour vous ou pour offrir à vos amis, vous soutenez le travail de RéseauVoltaire.net.

En Caroline du Nord la police aime bien les terroristes... à condition qu'ils soient blancs et d'extrème droite

North Carolina Police treated Eric Rudolph "awful good"

[CNN 04.06.03]
Four local officers obtained the information through relatively cordial conversations with Rudolph, who was placed not in a cell but in the breathalyzer room of the Cherokee County Jail, where he slept a lot and was given a steady supply of the things he requested - cigarettes, water, and healthy foods, officials said. 'He said he appreciated the way we treated him. We treated him awful good,' said Cherokee County Detention Officer Lester White. ... When Rudolph left for Birmingham, White said, 'We wished him the best of luck, shook his hand, and said we'd remember him in our prayers.'"

Du dernier chic sur les plages asiatiques, le bronzage SRAS



Wolfowitz avoue ce que nous disions depuis le début.

War was about oil -- Wolfowitz

[The Guardian UK 05.06.03]
Oil was the main reason for military action against Iraq, a leading White House hawk has claimed, confirming the worst fears of those opposed to the US-led war [...]
The latest comments were made by Mr Wolfowitz in an address to delegates at an Asian security summit in Singapore at the weekend, and reported today by German newspapers Der Tagesspiegel and Die Welt. Asked why a nuclear power such as North Korea was being treated differently from Iraq, where hardly any weapons of mass destruction had been found, the deputy defence minister said: "Let's look at it simply. The most important difference between North Korea and Iraq is that economically, we just had no choice in Iraq. The country swims on a sea of oil."

Les US et la GB ont utilisé des bombes à fragmentation (illégales) contre les villes irakiennes... des milliers n'ont pas explosé et mettent la vie des civils en danger

Thousands of cluster bomblets sprinkled over Iraqi cities

[The Guardian UK 02.06.03]
"The shocking extent of unexploded cluster bombs dropped by American and British planes, which litter Iraq eight weeks after the conflict, is revealed in detail for the first time today. ... The map reveals that hundreds, or possibly thousands, of the bombs - which produce hundreds of 'bomblets' scattered out over a large area - failed to detonate. ... 'This shows an appalling level of contamination,' said Richard Lloyd, director of Landmine Action, who is travelling to Iraq this weekend to assess the extent of the danger. 'It also confirms that American and British forces attacked built up areas in cities with cluster bombs. ... It has to be highly questionable whether the use of such weapons in built-up areas is legal under international law.'"

Les US financent un groupe terroriste pour renverser le gouvernement iranien.

US considering terrorists to "covertly" attack Iran

[ABC News 30.05.03]
"The Pentagon is advocating a massive covert action program to overthrow Iran's ruling ayatollahs as the only way to stop the country's nuclear weapons ambitions, senior State Department and Pentagon officials told ABCNEWS. ... The Pentagon's proposal includes using all available points of pressure on the Iranian regime, including backing armed Iranian dissidents and employing the services of the Mujahedeen e Khalq, a group currently branded as terrorist by the United States."

Les profiteurs de guerre à la Maison Blanche.

Dick Cheney's company, Halliburton has profited from every stage of the war in Iraq

[BBC 30.05.03]
"A California Democrat has written to the US army questioning why so much work has been given to Halliburton's subsidiary Kellogg Brown & Root without any competition. Rather than opening contracts to tender, the US government has used a Halliburton contract won in 2001 to place new orders for troop support work in Iraq. ... 'One of the unique features of the LOGCAP contract is that it apparently allowed Halliburton to profit from virtually every phase of the war with Iraq,' said Mr Waxman in his letter. http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/business/2950154.stm

Propagande, propagande, propagande.

Saddam's bunker never existed

[The UK Independent Online 29.05.03]
"The Baghdad bunker which the United States said it bombed on the opening night of the Iraq war in a bid to kill Saddam Hussein never existed, CBS Evening News reported on Wednesday. The network quoted a US Army colonel in charge of inspecting key sites in Baghdad as saying no trace of a bunker or of bodies had been found at the site on the southern outskirts of the Iraqi capital, known as Dora Farms. 'When we came out here, the primary thing they were looking for was an underground facility, or bodies, forensics, and basically, what they saw was giant holes created. No underground facilities, no bodies.' ... Shortly after the attack, US Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld told reporters: 'There's no question but that the strike on that leadership headquarters was successful. We have photographs of what took place. The question is, what was in there?' http://www.iol.co.za/index.php?click_id=3&art_id=qw1054169281101B262&set_id=1

Irak: les mensonges et les fausses promesses.

Rats are jumping ship

[Daily Kos 01.06.03]
But just as the CIA is fighting back against charges of an "intelligence failure", so, it seems, is the Pentagon Brass. The latest blow to the administration comes from former Bush loyalist Thomas White, the ex-Secretary of the Army until Rumsfeld pushed him out the door. Former Army secretary Thomas White said in an interview that senior Defense officials "are unwilling to come to grips" with the scale of the postwar U.S. obligation in Iraq. The Pentagon has about 150,000 troops in Iraq and recently announced that the Army's 3rd Infantry Division's stay there has been extended indefinitely. "This is not what they were selling (before the war)," White said, describing how senior Defense officials downplayed the need for a large occupation force. "It's almost a question of people not wanting to 'fess up to the notion that we will be there a long time and they might have to set up a rotation and sustain it for the long term." What's interesting is the focus on what was being sold before the war. We were promised an easy and quick occupation. We were promised security from Saddam's WMD arsenal. We were promised an end to terrorism . Lots of promises - none of which could be born out. And those within the administration, the Pentagon, or the intelligence community that fought an Iraq policy based on lies and deceit have no intention on going down with the ship. As more people come forward, it will be increasingly more difficult for the public to remain aloof. We haven't reached the tipping point yet, but it's getting closer.

Tony Blair est accusé d'avoir ouvertement menti devant les parlementaires et d'avoir fourni des fausses preuves.

The Niger connection: Tony Blair, forged documents and the case for war

[The UK Independent 05.06.2003]
Tony Blair was under mounting pressure yesterday after he refused to withdraw discredited claims by the secret intelligence service MI6 that Saddam Hussein tried to buy uranium to make nuclear weapons. The controversy over documents supplied by MI6 and exposed as crude forgeries by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) before the war in Iraq now threatens to erupt into a full-blown political scandal on both sides of the Atlantic. The threat of Saddam acquiring nuclear weapons became a linchpin in both governments' campaigns to build a case for war. But the allegation was blown apart in March by the IAEA, after a cursory investigation.


[Tribunes Libres internationales 04.06.03]
En guise d'hommage funèbre à Tom Hurndall et Rachel Corrie, Zalman Shoval, ancien président du Likoud mondial et actuel conseiller d'Ariel Sharon, dénonce le complot antisémite qui anime, selon lui, le Mouvement international de solidarité avec la Palestine. Cette organisation manipulerait de sincères pacifistes et les utiliserait comme « boucliers humains », en Irak ou en Palestine, pour protéger les groupes terroristes, écrit-il dans le Washington Times. Poursuivant ses outrances, Zalman Shoval accuse la gauche de collusion avec les néo-nazis et assimile implicitement les partisans actuels de la paix en Palestine aux pacifistes qui laissèrent agir les nazis dans années 30.

Il est temps pour les Palestiniens de faire le choix de la vie

[ par Bassem Eid* Haaretz 4 juin 2003 - traduit par http://lapaixmaintenant.org/ ]
Ces deux dernieres annees et demi, nous, Palestiniens et Israeliens, avons use de nos mains pour tuer et detruire, ces memes mains dont nous nous servions pour preserver la vie et la paix. Nous, Palestiniens et Israeliens, pratiquons le terrorisme les uns contre les autres. Nous avons inonde la region de violence, et dechire notre avenir. Nous avons bati un immense mur de haine. (...) Recemment, alors que je me trouvais a Abou Dis (localite proche de Jerusalem, ndt), j'ai eu le plaisir de rencontrer des Palestiniens venus de Jenine pour echanger des produits. Ils semblaient heureux d'avoir pu sortir de Jenine. Ils ont explique combien leur vie quotidienne leur etait devenue, non seulement difficile, mais impossible. Ils ont dit qu'ils n'avaient plus l'energie pour continuer a vivre une vie aussi terrible. Pas un d'entre eux n'a exprime le desir d'etre un "shahid" (martyr). Pas un d'entre eux n'a exprime le desir de commettre un attentat suicide. C'est ce que j'entends de la bouche de Palestiniens depuis deux ans et demi. Il semble y avoir aujoud'hui chez les Palestiniens un desir de paix et de vie. Il semble y avoir chez les Palestiniens un amour de la vie, plutot qu'un desir d'etre des shahids. * Bassem Eid est fondateur et directeur du Palestinian Human Rights Monitoring Group (PHRMG), situe a Jerusalem-Est.


On vous le fait pas dire...


[AlternNet 31.05.03]
The Bush administration's systematic attack on civil liberties is threatening to move from the aggressive to the surreal.

Le Congrès US s'attaque à l'avortement

House Bans an Abortion Method

[The NY Timles 05.06.03]
But this year, anti-abortion leaders found themselves with Republican allies in control of the House, the Senate and the White House, and moved quickly to pass such a ban again. The Bush administration declared today that the ban was "both morally imperative and constitutionally permissible." The measure applies to a type of abortion used to terminate pregnancies in the second and third trimester. The procedure, which is medically known as intact dilation and extraction, is rarely used, according to the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists and the Alan Guttmacher Institute, a nonprofit research group. Abortion opponents contend that the procedure typically involves delivering the lower part of the fetus's body, puncturing and collapsing its head while still inside the woman's body, and the delivery of a dead, but largely intact fetus. They call the procedure barbaric. Supporters of abortion rights counter that the procedure is so ill-defined that the proposed law could end up criminalizing many kinds of abortions that are medically necessary.

Les US envisagent d'éxécuter les prisoniers de Guantanamo sur place

US plans death camp

[news.com.au 26.05.03]
THE US has floated plans to turn Guantanamo Bay into a death camp, with its own death row and execution chamber. Prisoners would be tried, convicted and executed without leaving its boundaries, without a jury and without right of appeal, The Mail on Sunday newspaper reported yesterday. The plans were revealed by Major-General Geoffrey Miller, who is in charge of 680 suspects from 43 countries, including two Australians. The suspects have been held at Camp Delta on Cuba without charge for 18 months. General Miller said building a death row was one plan. Another was to have a permanent jail, with possibly an execution chamber.

Les homophobes veulent avoir le droit de le dire...

Christians sue to violate Disneyworld's no-fly zone

[Bradenton Herald 04.06.03]
The federal government's no-fly zone over Walt Disney World will be challenged in court Thursday by a conservative Christian organization that wants to fly anti-homosexual banners over the park during this week's Gay Days festivities. The Virginia-based Family Policy Network says the restriction - adopted to prevent possible terrorist attacks - violates its free speech rights. The group wants to fly planes pulling banners reading: 'JESUS CHRIST: HOPE FOR HOMOSEXUALS.COM' over the park."

Les impôts c'est sacré !

Iowa taxes illegal drugs

[Wichita Eagle 04.06.03]
Iowa law taxes all illegal drugs -- from marijuana to cocaine. The state issues stamps, which vary in cost and color according to the drug, to be affixed to the drug to show the tax has been paid. ... The stamps cost $5 a gram for marijuana, $750 per marijuana plant, $250 a gram for other drugs and $400 per 10 doses of drugs that come in tablet form, such as ecstasy. 'We look at it as a way to tax the underground economy. Just because something is illegal doesn't mean it shouldn't be taxed,' said Pete Bodyk, operations officer for the Kansas Division of Alcoholic Beverage Control."

Il y a trop de mots sur votre vitrine... hop ! Amende !!!

If you feed the birds in cash-starved NYC, don't forget your wallet

[Miami Herald 31.05.03]
In recent weeks police have nabbed an 86-year-old man for unlawfully feeding pigeons, a teenager relaxing on a street corner for 'unauthorized use of a milk crate,' and a handful of small stores for having too many words printed on their awnings. ... Critics say the cash-strapped city has launched a ticket blitz to help close its $3.8 billion budget gap, and the police union is so embarrassed it has begun a 'Don't Blame the Cop' ad campaign." Sal Boyd, who owns the Gift Mart on 14th Street, said he was slapped with a $400 fine, apparently because an obscure 1961 ordinance allows only a store's name and street number to appear on awnings. Boyd said his sign displayed four or five additional words such as ``T-shirts, luggage, sunglasses.'

Vous voilà prévenus...

British police will shoot panicked citizens in terror attack

[icnewcastle.icnetwork.co.uk 04.06.03]
"Police could be forced to shoot members of the public to maintain order in the event of a terrorist 'dirty bomb' or biological attack on Britain. ... Bob Elder, chairman of the constables' central committee, did not refer specifically to officers firing upon civilians but sources within the organisation said it was clear police would have to resort to such desperate measures to prevent people leaving a contaminated area. The Government had failed to explain how important it would be to keep the public inside a cordon after such a terrorist atrocity, Mr Elder said."

A Baghdad, en voiture, mieux vaut être poli avec les flics !



ENRON, bien plus qu'un scandale financier...

Enron Used U.S. Government to Bully Developing Nations

[Common Dreams Newscenter 30.05.03]
"Enron ... regularly and aggressively called on staff from Treasury, the State Department, the office of the U.S. Trade Representative and the World Bank to meet with foreign officials to favorably resolve its problems and disputes with their governments. ... Enron even reportedly pushed administration officials to threaten foreign governments with sanctions if their disputes could not be settled advantageously. ... Enron was also a major donor to the election campaign of Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney , while at least 15 high-ranking administration officials owned stock in the energy company in 2001."

Pas mal les cours de la fac au Canada

University offering "virus and malware" course

[vnunet.com 03.06.03]
"A university course in Canada teaching students how to create computer viruses has been met with derision by angry industry watchers, who believe it will create a pool of future virus writers. ... The thinking behind the course is that educating students in virus writing will lead to a greater understanding of how to stop viruses."


Demandez les vidéos des Services Secrets américains !

[The Memory Hole]
The following is a list of videotapes in the Secret Service 's library, released because of a Freedom of Information Act request by Michael Ravnitzky. You can ask the agency for any of these tapes by referring to its title and number. Any given one might never have been requested by the public in the past, so it may take them a while to review it for possible release. And, as with any FOIA request, whether or not you'll get it is a crapshoot, but that's half the fun.

Le Président Indien se fait l'avocat du logiciel libre

We've seen the future, Indian Prez tells Gates - and you're not in it

[The Register UK 3.06.03]
Each year, while Bill Gates parties at the World Economic Forum at Davos, Richard M Stallman makes a trip to Porto Alegre. Stallman takes part in discussions on alternatives to globalization, US-style, at the World Social Forum . His travel choice appears to be paying off. Last week Indian President Dr Abdul Kalam called for a halt to the "devastating" impact of proprietary software. He revealed that he had what he called "differences" with the Microsoft founder when the two met last November. "Further spread of IT, which is influencing the daily life of individuals, will have a devastating effect on the lives of society due to any small shift in the business practice involving these proprietary solutions. It is precisely for these reasons open source software needs to be built which will be cost effective for the entire society." ""It is precisely for these reasons open source software need to be built which would be cost effective for the entire society. In India, open source code software will have to come and stay in a big way for the benefit of our billion people."

+ Palm va racheter Handspring

Le numéro 1 mondial des ordinateurs de poche Palm a signé mercredi un accord en vue de racheter son concurrent Handspring. Une transaction par échange ...

Un Slog pour voyagistes

[Netsurf 01/06.03]
Frommer le guide des voyageurs décrit un nouveau service proposé par PlanetReunited.com qui permet aux jeunes qui partent sac au dos et autres voyageurs, d'envoyer régulièrement de leurs nouvelles par SMS sur un SLOG. - [Slog est comme un web-log, mais il utilise la technology SMS pour les mises à jour, d'où son appellation SMS-log ou SLOG. Il s'agit tout simplement d'un journal online, actualisé par SMS]
. On peut s'inscrire à ce service gratuit en envoyant un SMS au numéro +44 77 8148 5038. Les SMS envoyés sont publiés par ordre chronologique sur la page Web, tout comme un Weblog. PlanetReunited envoie des alertes par e-Mail à sa famille et ses amis, chaque fois qu'un nouveau message est posté. C'est une manière tout à fait géniale de tenir à jour, un journal de son voyage et de pouvoir informer un groupe de personnes concernés pour le prix d'un seul SMS.

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