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Les nouvelles islamophobies

En 1985, sur une des affiches du Front National, on pouvait lire la phrase suivante : " Dans vingt ans, la France sera une république islamique, inchallah "
Vingt ans après, la France n'est toujours pas une république islamique, le Front National est toujours aussi fort. Le racisme ordinaire se porte bien, des maghrébins continuent à subir des discriminations pour l'accès au logement, pour l'accès à l'emploi et pour l'accès aux boites de nuits. Vingt ans après, des français continuent à voter Le Pen simplement pour qu'un arabe ne vienne pas s'installer près de chez eux.
Vingt ans après, le Maghrébin-l'Arabe-le musulman-le Nord-Africain-l'étranger est toujours celui qu'on désigne quand ça va mal ou quand on croit que ça va vraiment mal.

Quand est ce que la France demandera pardon pour la Traite des Noirs ?

"One of the largest migrations of history was also one of the greatest crimes of history."
- U.S. President BUSH, as he toured Goree Island in Senegal, the point of departure for at least a million slaves.

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DÉVELOPPEMENT HUMAIN : "Une décennie perdue"

[Courrier international 09.07.03]
Le rapport mondial annuel des Nations unies sur le développement humain a été présenté conjointement à Dublin et à Maputo le 8 juillet. Malgré les bonnes paroles, le constat reste décourageant : les riches sont de plus en plus riches, les pauvres de plus en plus pauvres... Avec The Guardian, The Irish Times et Le Temps

Encore un mythe qui s'effrondre: les stock options, c'est fini !

Microsoft to Award Stock, Not Options, to Employees

[The NY Times 09.07.03]
The announcement is the clearest sign yet that stock options have lost some of the cachet they held just a few years ago.

Microsoft abandonne les stock-options

[L'expansion 09.07.03]
Microsoft a amorcé mardi un virage radical dans sa politique de rétribution de ses salariés. Le numéro un mondial du logiciel va remplacer ses plans de ...

Les femmes préhistoriques avaient des drôles de vagins...

Does Stonehenge Depict Female Genitalia??

[Reuters 09.07.03]
Stonehenge is a massive fertility symbol, according to Canadian researchers who believe they have finally cracked the mystery of the ancient monument in southern England. In the arrangement of the stones, the researchers say they have spotted the original design: female genitalia.
The theory is laid out in a paper entitled "Stonehenge: a view from medicine" in the July issue of Britain's Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine.

En Irak, les pillards ne sont pas ceux qu'on croit

American troops looted, vandalized Baghdad's airport

[Time Magazine 14.07.03]
"Much has been written about how Iraqis complicated the task of rebuilding their country by looting it after Saddam Hussein 's regime fell. In the case of the international airport outside Baghdad, however, the theft and vandalism were conducted largely by victorious American troops (who) stole duty-free items, needlessly shot up the airport and trashed five serviceable Boeing airplanes. ... U.S. estimates of the cost of the damage and theft begin at a few million dollars and go as high as $100 million.",9171,1101030714-463062,00.html



Le "patriotisme économique" au secours de l'informatique française

[01 Net 09.07.03]
Dévoilé aujourd'hui, un rapport parlementaire destiné au Premier ministre propose plusieurs pistes pour améliorer le renseignement industriel dans l'Hexagone.

L'Iran propose un marché: on vous livre Al-Qaeda et vous arretez de nous faire ch...

IRAN: Al-Qaeda for Sale

[TIME Magazine 14 Juillet 2003]
The mullahs are feeling the heat, and it isn't just the thousands of American troops on either side of their country - in Iraq and Afghanistan- making them uncomfortable. They are fending off demands from the U.S. and Britain to open their nuclear installations to international inspection. So they have reached for a few extra bargaining chips: the al-Qaeda operatives they have in custody. Arab sources tell TIME that the Iranians are holding at least 40 of them, most from Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Kuwait. They're said to include Sulaiman Abu Ghaith, a Kuwaiti-born al-Qaeda spokesman, and probably Saad bin Laden, son of Osama. In return, the mullahs would like the U.S. and Britain to hush their support for pro-democracy student demonstrations in Iran as well.,9263,1101030714,00.html

Soldiers in Iraq completely demoralized

[Christian Science Monitor 09.07.03]
Even as President Bush speaks of a 'massive and long-term' undertaking in rebuilding Iraq, that effort, as well as the high tempo of US military operations around the globe, is taking its toll on individual troops. Some frustrated troops stationed in Iraq are writing letters to representatives in Congress to request their units be repatriated. ... Despite Pentagon statements before the war that the goal of US forces was to "liberate, not occupy" Iraq, Secretary Rumsfeld warned last week that the war against terrorists in Iraq and elsewhere 'will not be over any time soon.'"

Maintenant qu'on a fait la guerre... on peut vous avouer qu'on vous a pris pour des cons

Bush Claim on Iraq Had Flawed Origin, White House Says

[NY Times 09.07.03]
The president relied on incomplete and perhaps inaccurate information when he said Iraq had tried to buy uranium from Africa.

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L'Ancien ministre anglais accuse les politiques

Robin Cook: Politicians took us into war, not the intelligence services

[The Independent UK 08.07.03]
Somebody somewhere has to take responsibility for how the government got it wrong, and I wouldn't advise blaming intelligence

Les Anglais découvrent que les hommes politiques racontent n'importe quoi pour obtenir ce qu'ils veulent...

The phoney war

[The Independent UK 08 July 2003]
Serious doubts were raised yesterday about whether Saddam Hussein possessed the weapons of mass destruction [WMD] on which Tony Blair and George Bush rested their case for war in Iraq. In a damaging finding for Mr Blair, an inquiry by the Foreign Affairs Select Committee concluded that "the jury is still out" on the accuracy of the Government's dossier on Iraq's weapons, issued last September.

L'enquête sur le 11 septembre est bloquée par les agences d'état concernées

9/11 Commission Says U.S. Agencies Slow Its Inquiry

[NY Times 09.07.03]
The panel said that its work was being hampered by the failure of executive branch agencies to respond quickly to requests for documents and testimony.

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Pendant que tout le monde est occupé ailleurs... Ashcroft pousse ses petits pions.

Patriot Act II still in the pipeline

[San Mateo County Times 06.07.03]
"The Domestic Security Enhancement Act , drafted by Justice Department officials as a follow-on to the USA Patriot Act passed by Congress after the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, would grant the government broad new powers to investigate, detain, and interrogate suspected terrorists. Among other things, it would remove court-ordered prohibitions against police spying on domestic groups; expand the FBI's ability to conduct searches and surveillance without first obtaining a court order; and create a DNA database of suspected terrorists. ... Attorney General John Ashcroft told a congressional committee last month that he intends to seek prompt passage of Patriot II.",1413,87~2425~1500293,00.html


Le Pentagone travaille sur des armes pour calmer les manifestants...

Weapons of Mass Compliance

[ 06.07.03]
"Firing indiscriminately on unarmed crowds of civilians, long a staple method of restoring order, is today almost universally frowned upon. ... Engineers, hard at work for years now on this problem, have come up with some creative solutions, fun gadgets that give the banalities of police work a little Flash Gordon –cum– Robocop sheen. (In addition to a bunch of other stuff) the military is working to develop microbes that eat asphalt and metal and turn petroleum to useless goo, and to perfect airborne delivery systems of so-called 'calmatives' - aerosol versions of Valium, Prozac and powerful opiates like Fentanyl - just in case all the blunt trauma, microwave menace, and acoustic and electrical insult should fail to keep the populace sufficiently tranquil."

Forums de discussions: une feuille de route juridique pour les tribunaux

[ZDnet 09.07.03]
Les experts de l'organe consultatif présentent une «grille de lecture» pour aider les juges français. Elle porte sur les différents niveaux de responsabilité des organisateurs de forums web, vis-à-vis du contenu des messages qui y sont postés.,,t118-s2137243,00.html?nl=zdnews_txt

En Allemagne, ils sont des milliers à avoir peur...

CIA to unmask 50,000 ex-Stasi spies

[The Independent UK 08 July 2003]
Thousands of former East German Stasi agents who spied on the West during the Cold War face the prospect of being unmasked after a decision by the CIA to return a hitherto top-secret espionage document to the German government. The revelations concern about 50,000 former Stasi agents. Their identities are contained in a massive intelligence dossier, codenamed "Rosenholz", which the CIA smuggled out of East Germany shortly after the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989.

En France c'est mieux, on peut taper sur des VRAIS arabes dans les commissariats

Australian cops use mugshots for target practice

[Independent Online 09.07.03]
Australian police have been forced into a humiliating climbdown after admitting that they had been using mug shots of criminal suspects, including Aborigines, for target practice. Officers in Queensland initially defended the use of the photographs in training exercises by the state's elite counter-terrorism squad. ... Atkinson said the 40-man Special Emergency Response Team needed to hone their skills in the most realistic setting possible, and photographs of real people helped officers to do that."

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Les experts ont déduit les 10 raisons pour lesquelles le SPAM existe

Trusted Email Open Standard

[E Privacy Special Report]

  • 1. Spam is possible because SMTP, the technology used to transmit email, does indeed stand for Simple Mail Transport Protocol, which does not bother to verify the identity of email senders.
  • 2. Spam happens because people are human and prone to do sleazy things, particularly when there is money to be made and the chances of being caught are slim. SMTP allows these people to lie to the recipients of their messages, and the Internet Service Providers (ISPs) that deliver them, by "spoofing" the sender identity, making the message appear to be from some other person, real or imagined.
  • 3. Any solution to the spam problem must address both technology and human behavior.
  • 4. Any solution to the spam problem must account for the legitimate ways in which people use email today. You can't say all bulk mail is banned, because I have already given permission for numerous organizations to include me in bulk mailings [such as last minute air fares that I don't want to miss]. And you can't say all unsolicited email is banned, because if someone is offering a big discount on a product I am about to buy, I am pleased to find out about it, even if I did not specifically ask that person to tell me.
  • 5. Any immediate solution to the spam problem must work without replacing SMTP, which is just too big a task to happen any time soon. And it should offer several levels of fix, because one size is unlikely to fit all.
  • 6. So TEOS takes three steps forward . The first is a simple enhancement to current email technology that enables senders to identify themselves more securely and reliably. This allows ISPs and recipients to make better decisions about what to do with messages (e.g. those that come from senders who are prepared to identify themselves are more likely to be legitimate than those that don't).
  • 7. The next step is to enable senders of bulk email to says things about their messages that can be read by the computers that process them. We call these "assertions" and they are made in the part of the header of the message recipients don't see. A bank might assert that a message is a customer statement to an existing customer . A charity might assert that a message is a newsletter to which the recipient has opt-in subscribed. A marketing company might assert that its messages meet certain standards for permission-based offers. These assertions enable ISPs and recipient to make even better decisions about which message to accept and, because the sender's identity has been verified, there is a good chance the assertions are true (it is a lot riskier to lie about messages when people know who you are).
  • 8. The last step goes beyond making assertions that are coded into message headers and gives those companies that want to display their commitment to the highest email standards a seal or trust stamp that they can place into their messages. These trust stamps are unique to each individual message and cryptographically protected to make them almost impossible to "spoof." They allow ISPs and recipients to immediately verify whether or not the sender is a member in good standing of a program designed to promote responsible email.
  • 9. Oversight of the standard, and programs that promote responsible email (of which we think there will be quite a few, each with its own unique appeal] will be handled by an oversight board. The members of the board will represent all relevant interests, from recipients (consumers), to email providers (ISPs and web mail providers), to email senders [companies, government agencies, non-profits, and so on]
    . The board will operate internationally, delegating authority to different regions, and certifying organizations that verify identities and assertions.
  • 10. A vast improvement in email will occur if TEOS is adopted. The economic incentive to send spam will have been eroded because those senders who are not honest about who they are and what they are sending will find their email is not delivered. At the same time, TEOS preserves the ability of individuals to send email to each other, anonymously if they wish. TEOS embraces the best of email today and extends it, using platform agnostic technology that is low in cost and proven to work. ePrivacy Group will even donate some of its patent-pending technology to the Internet community to make this happen if the key players can commit to this roadmap.


Une thèse que la CIA ne voudrait pas voir publiée

The Department of Homeland Security ate my dissertation...

[Washington Post 07.07.03]
"He can click on a bank in Manhattan and see who has communication lines running into it and where. He can zoom in on Baltimore and find the choke point for trucking warehouses. He can drill into a cable trench between Kansas and Colorado and determine how to create the most havoc with a hedge clipper. Using mathematical formulas, he probes for critical links, trying to answer the question: "If I were Osama bin Laden, where would I want to attack?" In the background, he plays the Beastie Boys. For this, Gorman has become part of an expanding field of researchers whose work is coming under scrutiny for national security reasons. His story illustrates new ripples in the old tension between an open society and a secure society.


Un porte monnaie électronique et sans fil, dans votre montre

RFID on your wrist - Speedpass-enabled Timex Watch

SCO exporte l'affaire Unix/Linux au Japon

[ZDnet 09.07.03]
Le P-DG du groupe informatique part convaincre les entreprises asiatiques du bien-fondé de sa guerre contre IBM et les systèmes Linux. SCO détient les droits de propriété sur Unix et entend s'en servir jusqu'au bout comme monnaie d'échange.,,t118-s2137216,00.html?nl=zdnews_txt

The Guardian fait payer ses newsletters

[JDN 09.07.03]
The Guardian a annoncé que deux de ses newsletters les plus populaires, the Wrap et the Informer, deviendraient payantes à partir du 30 juillet. Une décision prise, selon le groupe de presse, pour permettre l'accès libre et totalement gratuit au Guardian Unlimited. Les abonnés actuels des deux newsletters profiteront toutefois d'un tarif préférentiel de 10 livres pour un an.

Un DJ automatique qui fabrique des morceaux au hasard en péchant des sons sur le Net

How to Make a Sonic Purée From Pop Snippets

[NY Times 09.07.03]
A new interactive program retrieves internet song files, slices off audio snippets and blends them into sonic collages.

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Dorénavant, pour avoir la paix, va falloir payer

Gadgetmaster: The Sound of Silence

[MIT TechReview 09.07.03]
According to columnist Simson Garfinkel, a new noise-canceling headset from Bose is the first to mute the outside world without adding an annoying hiss of its own.

Comment fonctionne le Net ?

Study Reveals Net's Parts

[MIT TechReview 09.07.03]
Researchers studying the workings of the Internet have found several of its structural secrets. The work promises to improve the accuracy of Internet simulators.

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