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ainsi que


15 Juillet 1205

Le pape Innocent III publie une recommandation théologique, envoyée à tous les prètres de France et lue dans toutes les églises pendant sept dimanches de suite. Dans cette lettre il explique que les Juifs, étant donné qu'ils sont "les perfides assassins de notre Seigneur Jésus Christ" sont condamnés à être eternellements esclaves, sans droits et soumis au bon vouloir des chrétiens. "Que jamais ils n'osent relever la tête, ils sont condamnés à subir éternellement le joug de l'esclavage perpétuel." Dans les semaines qui suivent, plus de 10.000 juifs seront massacrés à travers la France.


Quand le Réseau Voltaire diffuse la propagande de l'extrème droite jacobine :
Le livre de P.Hillard est publié par l'éditeur d'extrème droite Fx.De Guibert - éditeur d'ouvrages à la gloire de Papon, des Oustachi croates, des royalistes, des anti-communistes, des sectes...(greg)

L'éclatement du continent européen au service des États-Unis

[Reseau Voltaire 12.07.03]
La régionalisation de l'Europe pourrait être détournée de son sens initial à la faveur d'un déséquilibre des institutions. Elle serait alors un moyen de démembrer politiquement l'Europe, laissant ainsi le champ libre à la domination de l'Empire états-unien. Pierre Hillard analyse cette variante de la doctrine Wolfowitz : comment transformer le rêve d'unité européenne en un cauchemar de la yougoslavisation généralisée.

Ouf, il y a encore des gens censés aux USA
Le projet de surveillance totale des citoyens américains est renvoyé dans les cordes par le Congrès

Terrorism Information Awareness will not be funded

[Wired 15.07.03]
The controversial Terrorism Information Awareness program, which would troll Americans' personal records to find terrorists before they strike, may soon face the same fate Congress meted out to John Ashcroft in his attempt to create a corps of volunteer domestic spies: death by legislation. ... The Senate bill's language is simple but comprehensive: ' No funds appropriated or otherwise made available to the Department of Defense ... or to any other department, agency or element of the Federal Government, may be obligated or expended on research and development on the Terrorism Information Awareness program. ',1283,59606,00.html


Gigantesque fraude électorale organisée par la droite aux Etats Unis ?
Une équipe d'informaticiens a trouvé des droles de failles dans les systèmes de vote électronique.

How to rig a US election

[The Inquirer 13.07.03]
Stealing elections is a sordid tradition in the United States, though it's certainly not unknown in some other countries, as well. ... Now a New Zealand political activist has published suspicions, along with supporting evidence, that electronic voting in the US is being manipulated by right-wing politicians with the connivance of several voting machine manufacturers. The story revolves around some highly volatile conjectures and might be explosive, if fully investigated."

Inside A U.S. Election Vote Counting Program

Publication of this story marks a watershed in American political history. It is offered freely for publication in full or part on any and all internet forums, blogs and noticeboards. All other media are also encouraged to utilise material. Readers are encouraged to forward this to friends and acquaintances in the United States and elsewhere.


Un expert en lutte anti-terroriste dénonce la politique US

Iraq war may have made terror threat worse

[UPI 09.07.03]
One of the world's leading terrorism experts Wednesday told the panel investigating the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks that the U.S. invasion of Iraq may have worsened the threat of terrorism. Prof. Rohan Gunaratna ... also criticized the failures of intelligence and policy he said had turned Afghanistan into a 'terrorist Disneyland ,' and allowed al-Qaida and other terror groups 'a free reign.' ... Gunaratna said that deposed Iraqi President Saddam Hussein - on the run with nothing to lose but with money and possible biological or chemical weapons - might be a bigger threat now than before.

Même les autres preuves de Tony Blair étaient bidon...
La plupart avaient été collectées sur Internet

Revealed: first dossier also dodgy

[The Independent UK 12.07.03]
"The document, released last September, shows at least six separate items on Saddam Hussein 's alleged weapons of mass destruction were lifted from reports up to 21 months old. ... Mr Blair wrote: 'This document is based, in large part, on the work of the Joint Intelligence Committee (JIC) ... Its work, like the material it analyses, is largely secret. It is unprecedented for the Government to publish this kind of document.' Although the action may be unprecedented, much of the information was freely available on the internet."

TIME Magazine est de plus en plus incisif...
Ted Turner voterait-il démocrate ?

A Question of Trust

[TIME Magazine 14.07.03]
The White House admits it was wrong to claim that Iraq sought African uranium. But the flap over that narrow untruth has raised larger doubts about Bush's case for going to war,9171,1101030721-464405,00.html

Soyez Patriotes ! Consommez !!!!!

American marketing efforts based on fear

[The Guardian UK - 13.07.03]
"Politicians and terrorists are not the only propagandists who use fear to drive human behaviour in irrational directions. ... President Bush himself appeared in TV commercials, urging Americans to 'live their lives' by going ahead with plans for vacations and other consumer purchases. 'The president of the US is encouraging us to buy,' wrote marketer Chuck Kelly in an editorial for the Minneapolis-St Paul Star Tribune , which argued that America was 'embarking on a journey of spiritual patriotism' that 'is about pride, loyalty, caring and believing' - and, of course, selling. 'As marketers, we have the responsibility to keep the economy rolling,' wrote Kelly. 'Our job is to create customers during one of the more difficult times in our history.'",12271,995669,00.html

Cassons le thermomètre !!! Ne démoralisons pas les consomateurs !

Bush cancels unfavorable economic reports

[Slate 13.07.03]
"In economic policy even more than in war policy, the Bushies have successfully suppressed, manipulated, and withheld evidence to serve their policy purposes. ... Last year, for example, the administration stopped issuing a monthly Bureau of Labor Statistics report, known as the Mass Layoff Statistics program, that tracked factory closings throughout the country. ... The administration deep-sixed a study commissioned by then Treasury Secretary Paul O'Neill that predicts huge budget deficits well into the future. ... The annual Adverse Effect Wage Rate establishes the minimum wage that can be paid each year to about 50,000 agricultural 'guest workers' in the H2A Program. ... in 2001, DOL withheld the wage figure until August, and only published it after the Farmworker Justice Fund threatened a lawsuit. In 2002, the DOL held up the report until May, again releasing it only after the prospect of legal action."

Escarmouches sur la frontière Irako-Syrienne

Conflict on Iraq-Syria Border Feeds Rage Against the U.S.

[The Ney York Times 14.07.03]
On this desolate stretch of desert along the Iraqi frontier, tensions with the American soldiers just across the border are running so high, Syrian soldiers say, that four villagers have been shot by American soldiers in the past month. Soldiers on the Syrian side of the border said American soldiers shot dead two cousins, one Iraqi and one Syrian, as they crossed into Iraqi territory about three weeks ago. Since then, they said, two other Syrian civilians have been wounded in separate incidents this month. The Syrians said that American helicopters and planes routinely violate Syrian airspace while patrolling.

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Près de 2500 militaires américains auraient déserté leurs postes en Iraq

[ 15 juillet 2003]
Les GI's américains sont de plus en plus nombreux à fuir leurs positions en Iraq, parallèlement à la recrudescence des attaques armées contre les militaires US dans ce pays. Suite à la multiplication des attaques armées contre les positions des forces occupantes à Fallujah, tout comme d'ailleurs (...)

Des soldats turcs capturés par les forces américaines

[ 9 juillet 2003]
Arrestation vendredi d'une douzaine de militaires turcs par les forces américaines en Iraq. Des militaires soupçonnés de vouloir fomenter un attentat contre le gouverneur kurde de la ville de Kirkouk. Le premier ministre turc devait s'entretenir aujourd'hui au téléphone avec le vice-président (...)

Les USA cherchent à multiplier leurs ressources pétrolières africaines

[ 9 juillet 2003]
Le président américain Georges W. Bush veut effectuer une tournée dans 5 pays africains pour rassurer les intérêts économiques des Etats-Unis dans le continent africain. Après les attentats du 11 septembre, les américains cherchent à multiplier leurs ressources pétrolières a rapporté le quotidien

Dans le Pacifique, l'Australie s'affirme comme le Grand Frère

Salomon-Australie : Intervention aux îles Salomon "d'ici la fin de la semaine prochaine", selon le ministre de la défense

[Flash d'Océanie 15.07.03]
L'intervention d'une force régionale dans l'archipel mélanésien des îles Salomon pour y rétablir l'ordre devrait intervenir d'ici la fin de la semaine prochaine, a déclaré mardi le sénateur Robert Hill, ministre australien de la défense. (..) Cette intervention, qui prévoit la constitution préalable d'une force composée de policiers non armés et de soldats australiens, néo-zélandais, fidjiens, papous, tongiens, ni-Vanuatu et des îles Cook, a déjà reçu le feu vert mardi des gouvernements néo-zélandais et fidjien. Selon le ministre australien e la défense, le gros des troupes sera australien : environ quinze cents des deux mille hommes.(...)lement de cet archipel est toujours en réunion afin d'adopter une série de projets de loi censés fournir un cadre juridique à cette intervention, qui a pour principal objectif, dans un premier temps, de rétablir l'ordre public, en particulier sur la Weather Coast (Sud de l'île principale de Guadalcanal) où un chef rebelle, Harold Keke, ancien policier, contrôle des pans entiers de l'île et sème la terreur parmi les populations. Il se serait aussi livré à des exécutions sommaires.
Keke, depuis l‚an dernier, revendique par ailleurs l‚assassinat d‚une douzaine de personnes, dont un ministre du gouvernement en juin 2002. Plusieurs villages ont été brûlés par ses hommes, provoquant la fuite vers la capitale de plus de quinze cents personnes, qui sont maintenant regroupées dans plusieurs camps de fortune, aux portes de la ville.


Sherman Austin, le webmestre de risque 10 ans de prison pour son site web.

Accidental Anarchist

[LA Weekly 11.07.03]
Much of the Internet is a cricket chorus of disaffected voices, and, which Austin still operates, is no different from any other of the woollier one-man sites on the left and right. Perhaps, in another time, the feds would have merely regarded Sherman Austin as a minor irritant, marginally worth watching. But then 9/11 hit, and the rest, as they say, is hysteria. The feds have also used petty crimes as excuses to apprehend Austin and intensify their case against him. “On or about June 24,” the FBI affidavit notes with deadpan seriousness,

En Ouganda, le coeur des ténèbres...

Ugandans mutilated, forced to eat own flesh

[BBC 10.07.03]
"A woman called Laweel was told that she and 10 others were to be made an example of as a way of warning the community not to fight the rebels. ... Kidnapped children were told to sharpen the knives and machetes laid there, and one by one the women had their noses, lips and ears cut off. Then they were made to eat their own flesh. I tried to keep looking at Laweel as I spoke to her, so as not to offend her, but it was really hard. Her disfigurement is so appalling that your mind instantly conjures up images of the event. It must be the worst part of it all that now, as she goes through her life, people look they other way."

Des millions de mouchards installés secrètement dans les voitures américaines

25 million black box recorders hidden in American cars

[Chicago Sun-Times 13.07.03]
An estimated 25 million automobiles in the United States - almost every newer GM car - now have so-called event data recorders, a scaled-down version of the devices that monitor cockpit activity in airplanes. What the devices record increasingly finds its way into courtrooms, leading some privacy advocates to question how the recorders came to be installed so widely with so little public notice. ... Most people apparently don't even know whether the vehicles they drive are equipped with event data recorders. Nearly two-thirds of people surveyed by an insurance industry group knew nothing about them.

La désinformation, ou comment peser sur le cours des événements à Cuba

[ 14.07.03]
Conférence au Colloque pour le centenaire du décès de José Martí, UQAM, 20 mai 1995

Mettre des caméras de surveillance dans les vestiaires, bon OK...
Mais pourquoi les avoir connectées à Internet ???
En tout cas, ça à fait le bonheur des voyeurs...

Overton County schools sued over teenage locker room filming

[Nashville Tennesean 10.07.03]
Parents of students at Livingston (Ky.) Middle School have filed a federal lawsuit against Overton County after they learned that the school had installed security cameras in both the boys' and girls' locker rooms. They say the computerized system housed in Assistant Principal Robert Jolley's office was connected to the Internet, and he hadn't bothered to change the factory default password. Thus, they say, photos of students aged 10-14 "in various stages of undress" were available online to anyone who knew about the system. Apparently a number of people did know: computer logs show access from several states.



[L'Expansion 15.07.03]
La proportion du spam dans les e-mails en Europe d'ici la fin de l'été


Pas facile d'aller déposer plainte quand on est gérant d'un site de cul

Hacker extorts porn sites

[Wired 10.07.03]
"Pay me, or I'll crash your porno website. That's the threat Internet smut-slingers say they've been receiving from a hacker with a vendetta against the adult industry. And it appears to be more than just tough talk. Several sites have been temporarily taken offline in the last 10 days, battered by massive denial-of-service attacks, according to website operators. ... One erotica operator, who asked not to be named, said that beefed-up security measures have kept attackers at bay, after Deepsy allegedly crashed his site. This webmaster said he'd like to tell the FBI about his troubles. But he and others in the porn world are reluctant. ... 'Try going to the FBI computer crimes division and saying you run'",1284,59574,00.html


Yahoo fait monter les prix dans le monde des moteurs de recherche

Overture Deal Raises Stakes for Google, MSN

[Reuters 15.07.03]
Yahoo Inc.'s decision to buy online advertising services provider Overture Services Inc. has again raised the stakes in the ever-changing Internet search market, analysts said.

Yahoo! acquiert Overture pour 1,5 milliard de dollars

[L'Expansion 15.07.03]
Le marché mondial des services de recherche sponsorisée, l'un des plus dynamique sur le web, vient de connaître un nouveau bouleversement. Overture, ...

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