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« L'un des effets les plus lourds de l'action du colonisateur, c'est que, dans une société donnée, elle dissocie la liaison nature-culture qui était propre à cette société. Elle le fait d'abord en dévaluant la culture indigène. Elle imprime un désaxement général à toutes les catégories de la vie locale. La religion devient superstition ; le droit, coutume ; l'art, folklore : le tout par rapport aux catégories correspondantes du système importé. »
(Jacques Berque)


Près de la moitié des citoyens US (et quasiment tous les religieux conservateurs) réclamment une discrimination active des musulmans aux USA.
On a qu'à les obliger à porter une étoile jaune...


[Associated Press 22.12.04]
Nearly half of all Americans believe the U.S. government should restrict the civil liberties of Muslim-Americans, according to a nationwide poll. The survey conducted by Cornell University also found that Republicans and people who described themselves as highly religious were more apt to support curtailing Muslims’ civil liberties than Democrats or people who are less religious. "... The survey found 44 percent favored at least some restrictions on the civil liberties of Muslim Americans. Forty-eight percent said liberties should not be restricted in any way.

The survey showed that 27 percent of respondents supported requiring all Muslim-Americans to register where they lived with the federal government. Twenty-two percent favored racial profiling to identify potential terrorist threats. And 29 percent thought undercover agents should infiltrate Muslim civic and volunteer organizations to keep tabs on their activities and fund-raising.

Aux USA on a dépassé l'anti-sémitisme, l'ennemi maintenant, c'est l'incroyant, le laic, le non-religieux... comme on peut le voir dans la campagne des intégristes pour que Mel Gibson ait un Oscar pour son film "Passion"...


[New York Times 19.12.04]
Will it be the Jews' fault if "The Passion of the Christ," ignored by the Golden Globes this week, comes up empty in the Oscar nominations next month? Why, of course.

"Hollywood is controlled by secular Jews who hate Christianity in general and Catholicism in particular," William Donohue, president of the Catholic League, explained in a colloquy on the subject recently convened by Pat Buchanan on MSNBC. "It's not a secret, O.K.?" Mr. Donohue continued. "And I'm not afraid to say it. That's why they hate this movie. It's about Jesus Christ, and it's about truth." After the show's token (and conservative) Jewish panelist, Rabbi Shmuley Boteach, pointed out that "Michael Moore is certainly not a Jew" and that Scorsese, Coppola and Lucas are not "Jewish names," Mr. Donohue responded: "I like Harvey Weinstein. How's that? Harvey Weinstein is my friend."

How's that? Not quite good enough. Surely Mr. Donohue knows that decorum in these situations requires that he cite a Jew as one of his "best friends," not merely a friend. For shame.

As we close the books on 2004, and not a moment too soon, it's clear that, as far as the culture goes, this year belonged to Mel Gibson's mammoth hit. Its prurient and interminable wallow in the Crucifixion, to the point where Jesus' actual teachings become mere passing footnotes to the sumptuously depicted mutilation of his flesh, is as representative of our time as "Godspell" was of terminal-stage hippiedom 30 years ago. The Gibson conflation of religion with violence reflects the universal order of the day – whether the verbal fisticuffs of the culture war within America, as exemplified by Mr. Donohue's rant on national television or, far more lethally, the savagery of the actual war that radical Islam brought to our doorstep on 9/11.

"The Passion" is a one-size-fits-all touchstone, it seems. It didn't just excite and anger a lot of moviegoers in our own country but also broke box-office records abroad, including in the Middle East. Most Arab governments censor films that depict prophets (Jesus included), even banning recent benign Hollywood products like the Jim Carrey vehicle "Bruce Almighty" and the animated musical "Prince of Egypt." But an exception was made for Mr. Gibson's blood fest nearly everywhere. It was seen in Egypt, Syria and Jordan. Among the satisfied customers last spring was Yasser Arafat, who called the film "moving and historical" – a thumb's up that has not, to my knowledge, yet surfaced in the film's low-key Oscar campaign.

Les lobbies conservateurs US demandent aux entreprises de pratiquer la discrimination envers les couples homos...
On est déjà bien gentils de les laisser vivre, mais alors les subventionner, non,hein...


[Family Values First USA 15.12.04]
Secretly... Stealthily... radical homosexual activists have been picking the pockets of American companies - and their customers, like you. In the process they're undermining America's families and the sanctity of marriage. And I know THEY don't care about you and your family, and traditional family values, but you do - and I do! That's why I had to write you this letter.

The recent Supreme Court decision Lawrence v. Texas basically gives homosexuals the right to do whatever they want, including "marriage" in Massachusetts - and soon, in your state too! But the financial benefits of marriage have already been handed to them - over and over again - by American companies YOU do business with!

What I'm talking about is that homosexuals who work for American companies, in increasing numbers, are demanding and getting the same benefits for their "partners" as a legally-married husband and wife. In fact, a homosexual "partner" can move in on Sunday and begin getting benefits on Monday! And these FREE benefits include free healthcare, bereavement and family leave benefits, free life insurance, the use of fitness facilities, AND sick leave.


L'américain moyen qui avait été choisi par Bush pour son clip de campagne électorale était un hyprocrite religieux et pédophile...


[Grassley 15.10.04]
Bush introduced Mike and Sharla Hintz, a couple from Clive, whom he said benefited from his tax plan. Mike Hintz, a First Assembly of God youth pastor, said the tax cuts also gave him additional money to use for health care. He said he supports Bush's values.

Quand il disait qu'il soutenait les valeurs de Bush, il pensait à quoi ?


[KCCI 01.12.04]
A Des Moines youth pastor is charged with the sexual exploitation of a child. KCCI learned that the married father of four recently turned himself in to Johnston police. Rev. Mike Hintz was fired from the First Assembly of God Church, located at 2725 Merle Hay Road, on Oct. 30. Hintz was the youth pastor there for three years.

En Irak, si on ne peut pas exploiter les gens sans se faire tirer dessus ou kidnapper, alors ce n'est pas rentable...


[LA Times 22.12.04]
For the first time, a major U.S. contractor has dropped out of the multibillion-dollar effort to rebuild Iraq, raising new worries about the country's growing violence and its effect on reconstruction. Contrack International Inc., the leader of a partnership that won one of 12 major reconstruction contracts awarded this year, cited skyrocketing security costs in reaching a decision with the U.S. government last month to terminate work in Iraq.

"We reached a point where our costs were getting to be prohibitive," said Karim Camel-Toueg, president of Arlington, Va.-based Contrack, which had won a $325-million award to rebuild Iraq's shattered transportation system. "We felt we were not serving the government, and that the dollars were not being spent smartly.",0,5578961. story?coll=la-home-headlines


Le projet de bibliothèque géante en-ligne de Google va t'il remplacer les bibliothèques papier ?
Ce n'est pas certain dit Gorman qui rappelle qu'il y a une différence entre l'information et le savoir.


[Michael Gorman LA Times 17.12.04]
The boogie-woogie Google boys, it appears, dream of taking over the universe by gathering all the "information" in the world and creating the electronic equivalent of, in their own modest words, "the mind of God." If you are taken in by all the fanfare and hoopla that have attended their project to digitize all the books in a number of major libraries (including the University of Michigan and New York Public), you would think they are well on their way to godliness.

I do not share that opinion. The books in great libraries are much more than the sum of their parts. They are designed to be read sequentially and cumulatively, so that the reader gains knowledge in the reading. (Michael Gorman is dean of library services at Cal State Fresno and president-elect of the American Library Assn.),1,7568022.story?coll=la-news-comment-opinions

L'éditeur de dictionnaires Collins a crée un site où vous pouvez proposer de nouveaux mots à inclure au dico.


[The UK Telegraph 16/12/2004]
Have you ever had a boyzilian? Are you contrasexual? Do you worry about globesity? Do you know what any of these words mean? Such offbeat new language, from chavalanche to smirting, is being collected on an internet site created by Collins. The "living dictionary" will allow the public to offer words to be considered for inclusion in the next edition of the Collins English Dictionary. Many are already in general use across the country, such as CHAV (preppy chics) or CHEESE-EATING SURRENDER MONKEYS (the French).

The following have been put forward for consideration:

• BOYZILIAN: (noun) a Brazilian bikini wax for men
• CONTRASEXUAL: (noun) a financially independent, confident woman whose aspirations defy convention and who does not make romantic relationships a priority
• GLOBESITY: (noun) perceived global epidemic of obesity
• CHAVALANCHE (noun) when an onslaught of Burberry-wearing Smirnoff Ice drinkers descend on one's local
• ASSMOSIS (noun) gaining promotion through sycophancy
• KIPPERS (noun) grown up children living with their parents (kids in parents' pockets eroding retirement savings)
• SMIRTING (noun) combination of smoking and flirting.


Aux USA, près de 50% de la production alimentaire est gaspillée...


A new study reveals that almost half the food in the country goes to waste -a statistic that should alarm an industry that is struggling to achieve greater efficiency in order to salvage profits. The new study, from the University of Arizona in Tucson, indicates that a shocking 40% to 50% of all food ready for harvest never gets eaten.

Not only is edible food discarded that could feed people who need it, but the rate of loss, even partially corrected, could save U.S. consumers and manufacturers tens of billions of dollars each year. (The study) argues that fresh fruit and vegetable growers often behave like riverboat gamblers. They will take a risk on the commodity markets if they think it will help them make a financial killing. A bad bet often means an entire crop is left in the field to be ploughed under. . .

On average, households waste 14% of their food purchases. Fifteen per cent of that includes products still within their expiration date but never opened. Jones estimates an average family of four currently tosses out $590 per year, just in meat, fruits, vegetables and grain products.

Les produits de nettoyage domestique sont dangereux pour votre santé...


[Times UK 20.12.04]
Household chemicals, including bleach, disinfectant and cleaning fluid, have been blamed for the huge surge in childhood asthma in Britain. A study of more than 7,000 children shows that children born into households which use them most are twice as likely to suffer persistent wheezing, often a precursor to asthma.

Incidence of the disease has tripled since the 1970s and the total number in the country who suffer is estimated to have reached 1.4 million. Britain has one of the highest rates of wheezing children in the world. The study shows a clear connection between persistent wheezing and use of a range of domestic chemicals, such as bleach, paint stripper, carpet cleaner and air freshener. The use of household cleaning products has soared in the past two decades: the market has grown by 60 per cent since 1994. The researchers are not claiming that these chemicals cause asthma but that there is a strong link. Their results back up an Australian study published in August.,,2-1413581,00.html

Sept mois après les premiers mariages gay voici les premiers divorces gay...


[Associated Press 17.12.04]
Less than seven months after same-sex couples began tying the knot in Massachusetts, the state is seeing its first gay divorces. Newlyweds seeking to renounce the vows have been trickling into probate courts across the state, filling out obsolete forms that still read "husband" and "wife."

Le stationnement, un des facteurs les moins étudiés chez les architectes urbains, qui se contentent généralement de quelques stéréotypes éculés...


[Line Mag - Association of US Architects 15.12.04]
Parking is the poor relation of architecture and design. Unglamorous and often downright ugly, it tends to be treated as a necessary evil. If the parking system works well, nobody notices. If it doesn’t, it can work against a city’s best efforts to improve urban design, manage traffic, and achieve a wide array of other goals.

At the same time, planners, designers and architects often fail to understand how parking works and how to use it to achieve their goals. Often, they fall prey to myths that are well established, not only among the public at large but also among specialist transportation planners schooled in conventional traffic engineering. This article seeks to clarify some of the most common misconceptions, presenting ten widely circulated parking myths.


Falloujah, toujours pas vaincue et pacifiée alors que les US ont employé contre la ville plus de bombes que contre Berlin en 1945.


[Outlook India 22.12.04]
Against the most heavily armed opponent in the history of War, Fallujah has still not let itself be "taken" to date. The mightiest military machine in history has met its match. A turning point in military affairs? The end of warfare, as practiced by the Americans - the application of overwhelming force to obtain a victory?

What the images of Phantom Fury did not convey is that this assault is the largest concentration of heavy armor in one place, since the fall of Berlin. This was the first time since World War II that "an American armored task force" has been turned "loose in a city with no restrictions".

More to the point, the force of as much as 20,000 soldiers (12,000 to 17,000 American/coalition soldiers, about 2000 odd Iraqi "National guards" and perhaps 1000 odd peshmergas) were supported by an estimated 1100 to as much as 2000 armored vehicles and tanks. Air support was largely carrier based out of the gulf and B-52's from bases outside of Iraq.

The armor alone represents the heaviest ever concentration of armor since the fall of Berlin (1945) in one place against a single military objective.


[Le Point 22.12.04]
Des Français ont joué un rôle pour le moins trouble dans les événements. Des experts israéliens aussi.Le calme précaire prévalant en Côte d'Ivoire pourrait encore durer plusieurs semaines, au moins jusqu'à la fin de la récolte des fèves de cacao au mois de mars : telle est l'analyse des autorités militaires françaises, qui cherchent à éviter le piège dans lequel pourraient tenter de les enfermer le régime ivoirien et ses milices (voir l'interview de Charles Blé Goudé page 10). Car tous les services de renseignement français s'efforcent de discerner la stratégie du gouvernement ivoirien, et certaines données les inquiètent.

Parmi celles-ci, le rôle de plusieurs ressortissants israéliens est décortiqué avec d'autant plus d'attention que les troupes françaises de Licorne n'ont pas digéré le rôle des drones fournis par la firme israélienne Aeronautics Defense Systems aux Forces armées ivoiriennes (Fanci). Plusieurs de ces avions sans pilote avaient été saisis à l'aéroport d'Abidjan lors des événements de novembre. Après examen en France, il s'est avéré que le système photo de certains de ces appareils contenait des prises de vue de la base du 43e BIMa « photographiée sous toutes les coutures ». Mais les Français ne possèdent pas la preuve que les drones basés à Yamoussoukro aient filmé leur camp militaire attaqué par des avions Sukhoi, le 6 novembre, bombardement qui avait causé neuf morts. De source proche du ministère de la Défense à Paris, on remarque également que les systèmes d'interception des télécommunications fournis par la société israélienne Verint Systems, dont plusieurs dizaines de techniciens étaient présents à Abidjan, n'étaient pas seulement installés à l'hôtel Ivoire, mais également au centre de télécommunications de la capitale, de même que dans les locaux de la présidence.

(...) Par ailleurs, la ministre de la Défense, Michèle Alliot-Marie, a pris connaissance le 8 décembre d'une synthèse de ses services et de ceux du ministère de l'Intérieur se penchant en particulier sur le rôle de quatre Français proches de la présidence ivoirienne et considérés comme ayant organisé sa réponse médiatique, notamment à destination de la presse française. Un ancien officier de gendarmerie se serait vu confier une « mission d'enquête » sur la riposte française à la frappe de Bouaké, et un professeur d'université aurait fait bénéficier Laurent Gbagbo de ses conseils. L'avocat parisien Robert Bourgi est également cité. Sa version est différente, ainsi qu'il l'a confié au Point : « Je ne suis pas plus lié à Laurent Gbagbo qu'à Guillaume Soro. Avant que les Sukhoi aient foudroyé neuf de nos enfants, j'avais dit à Gbagbo : Attention, tu prends des risques en montant vers le nord. Le Vieux(Jacques Chirac, NDLR)ne te loupera pas si tu fais une connerie. Depuis, mes relations avec M. Gbagbo se sont tendues. »

Le dernier nom cité est celui de Lorrain de Saint-Affrique, ancien conseiller en communication de Jean-Marie Le Pen. Il a assuré au Point être animé par une « amitié active » pour les Ivoiriens et considère que Laurent Gbagbo est « diabolisé ». « Il est vrai que si des images ivoiriennes ont circulé en France, dit-il, j'y suis pour quelque chose. Il est également exact que j'ai présenté le porte-parole du Front patriotique ivoirien en France, Léonard Guédé, dans plusieurs rédactions. » Et M. de Saint-Affrique d'ajouter : « Ce qui se passe en Côte d'Ivoire depuis 1999 est un électrochoc créatif. C'est une révolution qui ira loin.

Le procès de Saddam Hussein n'abordera pas le gazage des civils kurdes de Halabja, même les experts US reconnaissant que les gazs étaient iraniens et avaient été fournis par les USA... encore un monument de propagande qui s'effondre !


[Global Research]
Saddam's lead attorney Mr. Al-Khasawnah, reportedly stated that charges Saddam gassed the Kurds have been dropped due to "lack of evidence." There have been reports - among them CIA and US agencies - over the past few years that the horrific gassing of Halabja was linked to Iranian forces; however, these reports have yet to be confirmed by independent sources. Pursuit of the gassing charges against Saddam could really be messy for the Bush Administration and its prewar campaign to demonize Saddam beyond his already well-known human and moral failings.

B. Raman pose la bonne question: maintenant que l'on sait qu'une bonne partie de l'info sur l'URSS disséminée dans la presse était fabriquée par la propagande US, on peut se demander d'où vient la majorité des infos sur Al Qaida qu'on nous livre tous les jours dans la presse...


[Global India Dec 14, 2004) Remember the Kremlin Watchers of yore during the height of the cold war and their best-sellers on the Evil Empire? And the scary stories on communism they used to disseminate? And how the newspaper columns of those days were filled with their analyses? And the so-called classified documents of the Soviet State and Communist Party to which they managed to have access and which they used liberally in their writings and books?

(...)Many of these Kremlin Watchers and their articles and best-sellers had been sponsored and encouraged not by the British Foreign Office , but by the disinformation divisions of the British Secret Intelligence Service (SIS--MI-6) and the USA's Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). These Kremlin Watchers, who were the equivalent of today's embedded terrorism analysts, lapped up whatever was fed to them by the disinformation divisions and made it the focus of their analyses.

Since 9/11, we have been witnessing the similar emergence of a core of Al Qaeda watchers, whose writings and scar-stories remind you disturbingly of the Kremlin Watchers of yore. If you carefully examine their writings and books, you notice that there is a sameness in their analyses marked by:" I scare you; you scare me; and let us scare the world together." The more scary the writings, the greater the number of readers and the greater the sales of their books. They are making hay, while Al Qaeda shines. There is no business like the Al Qaeda watching business today.

They quote and cite each other and it is evident that many of them use without the least qualms of conscience details of interrogation reports of terrorists in the custody of the USA in Guantanamo Bay, Diego Garcia and Afghanistan. They are not disturbed by the thought that if the intelligence agencies of the USA and the UK were capable of misleading the world with carefully disseminated disinformation regarding Iraq's weapons of mass destruction (WMD) and Saddam Hussein's alleged links with Al Qaeda in order to achieve their strategic objective, they should be equally capable of misleading the world through scary stories on terrorism in order to achieve their strategic objectives in different areas, which are often unrelated to the so-called war on terrorism.

Their writings are significant not for the questions they pose, but for those they don't pose: How come so many so-called Al Qaeda documents, tapes, video recordings etc were discovered from different places in Afghanistan at the height of the US air strikes in 2001-02 by so-called intrepid Western journalists and not by the security forces? When the security forces reached the spots after the bombing, they did not discover any documents etc, but when the journalists went there they found a treasure trove of documents, video-recordings etc.

Were these really of Al Qaeda or were these planted by the disinformation division of the CIA and got discovered through compliant journalists in the hope that they would enjoy greater credibility if "discovered" and disseminated by journalists than if they were by the intelligence agencies?


Le minuscule site MOCOSOFT gagne contre le géant MICROSOFT !


[The Register 15.12.04]
Microsoft has been knocked back in its increasingly bizarre domain name grab by Spanish company Mocosoft. Domain arbitrator WIPO, meeting in Spain, has decided that Microsoft is not entitled to the domain "" despite the fact that some of the same letters appear in both companies' names. The site hosts a long list of downloadable applications.


Les consommateurs télécom aux US se mobilisent et leurs conseils s'appliquent également en dehors des USA


[Hear Us Now]
The site offers in-depth reading on over 60 consumer related telecom issues. Consumer tips on what to do before you buy, understanding your bills after and making companies listen when you are unhappy (from phone services to copyright rules on digital content). There are also 7 different ways to make a difference in less then 2 minutes (see "Get Heard" on the left bar and click the red link). gives consumers the ability to work for change on an individual level and provides hundreds of resources to join efforts already going on across the country.

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Films, Livres et Revues pour ne pas mourrir idiot
OUTFOXED - Rupert Murdoch's War on Journalism

Rupert Murdoch's War
on Journalism
de Robert Greenwald
Disponible en DVD
Sortie en salles le 22/10/2004

UNCOVERED - The Truth About the War on Iraq

The Truth About the War on Iraq
de Robert Greenwald
Disponible en DVD
Sortie en salles en Septembre 2004

UNCONSTITUTIONAL - The War Our Civil Liberties

Patriot Act: The War On Our Civil Liberties
de Robert Greenwald
Sortie en DVD en Sept. 2004

UNPRECEDENTED - Rupert Murdoch's War on Journalism

The 2000 US Presidential Election
de Robert Greenwald
Disponible en DVD

Le Monde selon George W. Bush

Le Monde selon Bush
de William Karel

Sortie le 26 Juin 2004
en collaboration avec Eric Laurent
auteur de La guerre des Bush et
Le monde secret de Bush
(Editions Plon)

Fahrenheit 911 - sortie en salle le 5 juillet

Fahrenheit 911
de Michael Moore

Sortie le 07 Juillet 2004

Qui a dit que l'agit prop devait être chiante ? Un film a voir absolument...

S 21, la machine de mort khmer rouge - sortie en salles le 11 fevrier

S 21, la machine de mort
khmer rouge

Sortie le 11 Fevrier 2004

Rithy Panh : un homme face au génocide khmer : "Etre un passeur de mémoire me rend vie..." Rithy Panh avait 11 ans quand les Khmers rouges l'ont envoyé dans un camp. Rescapé parmi deux millions de fantômes, depuis, il filme. S 21, la machine de mort khmère rouge est ce récit de l'enfer.

decouvrez le quotidien VOLTAIRE

le quotidien
du Réseau Voltaire

Magazine quotidien d'analyses internationales

Depuis deux ans le Réseau Voltaire a développé ses publications jusqu'à proposer trois services quotidiens, deux services hebdomadaires et de nombreux articles et enquêtes supplémentaires. Progressivement, nous avons constitué un ensemble d'outils de veille documentaire, d'information, d'analyse et de prospective qui, regroupés de manière cohérente, lui permettent aujourd'hui de proposer un magazine quotidien de politique internationale.

le Cartel Bush - comment fabrique t'on un president des Etats Unis - par J. Hatfield

Le Cartel Bush
("Fortunate Son" de J. Hatfield)
Traduction française

Il y a les biographies de George W. Bush écrites par les communicants de la Maison-Blanche ou les journalistes « amis ». Et il y a Le Cartel Bush, la biographie non autorisée. Celle qui explore en détail l'entourage du président des États-Unis, ses affaires, ses retournements de veste, le financement de ses campagnes électorales, son addiction à la cocaïne… L'auteur, James Hatfield, fut menacé par deux proches conseillers du président devant témoins et retrouvé peu après, mort, dans un motel. La police assure qu'il s'est suicidé. Sa famille prétend qu'il a été assassiné.
Ce document exceptionnel a été traduit en français. Le Réseau Voltaire en assure la diffusion exclusive en France

THE FOG OF WAR - sortie en salles le 14 janvier

Un film
de Errol Morris
avec Robert S. McNamara
Sortie le 14 Janvier 2004

Ce documentaire est l'histoire de l'Amérique vue par l'ancien Secrétaire de la Défense américaine, Robert S. McNamara, personnalité parmi les plus controversées et les plus influentes de la scène politique internationale. A travers son analyse, nous redécouvrons les événements majeurs du XXe siècle.
Du bombardement de 100 000 civils japonais à Tokyo en 1945 au risque imminent de catastrophe nucléaire pendant la crise des missiles cubains, en passant par les effets dévastateurs de la guerre du Vietnam, The Fog of war examine la psychologie et les raisonnements des décisionnaires du gouvernement qui ont envoyé les hommes au combat.

CONDOR - l'axe du mal - sortie en salles le 21 janvier

Un documentaire
de Rodrigo Vasquez
Sélection au Festival de Cannes
Sortie le 21 Janvier 2004

C'est au nom de "la lutte contre le terrorisme" qu'une opération spéciale - nom de code CONDOR - a été menée dans les années 70 et 80 en Amérique du Sud. Cette lutte lancée par le Chili après le coup d'état du 11 septembre 1973 d'Augusto Pinochet, ciblait les mouvements de gauche.
Condor devint rapidement un réseau reliant les dictatures militaires, soutenu par le département d'Etat américain et la CIA.Le film de Rodrigo Vazquez, jeune cinéaste argentin, accompagne plusieurs victimes de CONDOR, toujours à la recherche de la vérité.. Il pousse certains leaders de Condor, hélas toujours en place, à témoigner. Depuis les évènements du 11 septembre 2001, ceux-ci revendiquent ouvertement être les pionniers de l'actuel combat contre le "terrorisme international"

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