Objet : 20 minutes de rigolade : le retour d'Oriana Fallaci dans "The New Yorker"

Date : jeudi 1 juin 2006 23:58

De : Gregoire Seither <gregoire@pobox.com>

À : "Le Gigan Yann (dit\"Yo!\")" <Yann Legrand>

Conversation : 20 minutes de rigolade : le retour d'Oriana Fallaci dans "The New Yorker"

-- Oriana étend son catalogue d'Untermenschen a gazer de suite

-- Cette fois, outre les arabes, elle s'en prend aussi aux avorteuses,

-- aux mexicains et aux pédés... Et elle va dynamiter les mosquées.


[by MARGARET TALBOT - The New Yorker - 2006-06-05]

“They live at our expense, because they’ve got schools, hospitals, everything,” she said at one point, beginning to shout. “And they want to build damn mosques everywhere.” She spoke of a new mosque and Islamic center planned for Colle di Val d’Elsa, near Siena. She vowed that it would not remain standing. “If I’m alive, I will go to my friends in Carrara—you know, where there is the marble. They are all anarchists. With them, I take the explosives. I make you juuump in the air. I blow it up! With the anarchists of Carrara. I do not want to see this mosque—it’s very near my house in Tuscany. I do not want to see a twenty-four-metre minaret in the landscape of Giotto. When I cannot even wear a cross or carry a Bible in their country! So I BLOW IT UP! ”

The magnificently rebellious Oriana Fallac now cultivates, it seems, the prejudices of th petite bourgeoisie. She is opposed to abortion unless she “were raped and made pregnant by bin Laden or a Zarqawi.” She is fiercel opposed to gay marriage (“In the same way tha the Muslims would like us all to becom Muslims, they would like us all to becom homosexuals”), and suspicious of immigratio in general. The demonstrations by immigrant in the United States these past few months “disgust” her, especially when protester displayed the Mexican flag. “I don’t love th Mexicans,” Fallaci said, invoking her nast treatment at the hands of Mexican police i 1968. “If you hold a gun and say, ‘Choose wh is worse between the Muslims and th Mexicans,’ I have a moment of hesitation. The I choose the Muslims, because they hav broken my balls.

Fallaci’s distaste for Islam goes way back. Reasonable worries about the rise of Muslim fundamentalism were combined with a visceral revulsion and the need for a new enemy, in the post-Fascist, post-Communist world.