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NUMERO SPECIAL - 18.05.04 -


"Je ne suis pas conspirationiste, loin de là. Mais cela m'agace de me heurter en permanence aux incohérences et aux contradictions de ce que me raconte l'Administration et la Presse. Et cela me met en rage quand la seule réponse à mes interrogations est un "no comment". C'est une grande spécialité des services de police et de l'armée de ce pays." (Seymour Hersh, célèbre journaliste US qui a dévolé l'affaire du Watergate - sur CBS en 1984)

Zev Chafets résume très bien l'affaire...
Nick Berg est devenu un symbole... mais de qui ? et de quoi ?


[Zev Chafets - Mercury news - 18.05.04]
Who owns Nick Berg? Who wants him? - In these days of crazed jihad and bitter domestic politics, the young American was bound to become a symbol. But whose?

The first to lay claim were the masked men who sliced the head from Berg's body in the name of Allah. They videotaped the ritual slaughter to frighten the infidels, but they also had another purpose in mind: They wanted to send the message to their fellow jihadis that there's a new chief in town and his name is Abu Musab al-Zarqawi.

Islamic terrorists are no better than anyone else; they, too, suffer from professional jealousies. Hezbollah, which belongs to Iran, and the Muslim Brotherhood, a faction of Al-Qaida commanded by Ayman Al-Zawahiri, cattily dismissed the scalping as ``un-Islamic.''

At first, Arab governments greeted the Berg affair with an approving silence; beheading Americans is a popular form of protest in the Middle East. But soon enough it dawned on the region's leaders that Berg's decapitation was diverting attention from the propaganda bonanza at Abu Ghurayb prison. The official commentators of Araby (there is no other kind) sulkily blamed Zarqawi for selfishly distracting the world from America's Crime of the Century.

The Bush administration saw this distraction as a bonanza. The president embraced Nick Berg as a fine young American entrepreneur and patriot whose sadistic murder showed what real barbarism looks like. The White House fully intended for Berg to become its symbol, the personification of the war's underlying rationale.

Then Berg's father, Michael, stepped in and snatched his son back. He accused Bush and Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld of killing the boy, conceding only that Al-Qaida might be ``just as bad.'' Then he mitigated this harsh judgment of the killers by crediting them with ignorance: Al-Qaida simply hadn't realized that Nick Berg has been their ``best friend.''

Naturally, Bush backed away. Nobody wants to get into a tug of war with a grieving father over a severed head.

Politics abhors a vacuum. John Kerry put in a condolence call to Michael Berg. Then the candidate met the press. ``He feels let down by those who should have been protecting his son,'' Kerry told journalist Alan Colmes. Message: I, John F. Kerry, would make a more reliable guardian of the heads of young Americans.

But Kerry may have been a bit too quick to embrace the Berg family. Michael Berg, it turns out, isn't merely a distraught dad. He is also a proud member of ANSWER (Act Now to Stop War and End Racism), a sect that regards the Democratic Party as part and parcel of the colonialist, imperialist, racist, war-mongering monstrosity that is America. Not the best sidekick for a candidate trying to become Mr. National Security.

It was Michael Berg who told the world his son had been in Iraq supporting the war. Maybe. But there are some questions. The biggest is, how did 9/11 suspect Zacarias Moussaoui wind up with Berg's computer password back in 1999. It could be a coincidence. The chances are approximately 1 in 6 billion.

Early reports on Berg himself lengthen those odds even more. He traveled around the Middle East studying Arabic. He had a mysterious ``relative'' in Iraq. He was busted by the local police and found to be carrying a Koran and an anti-Zionist tract in his suitcase. He had a business that nobody knows much about.

It's too soon to know who the real Nick Berg was and why he was killed. He may have been a naive, luckless kid who stumbled into a trap. Or he may have been up to something a bit less innocent. He appears destined to wind up a symbol. The question is, a symbol of what?

C'était ça le but ?
Détourner l'attention de la torture à Abou Ghraib ?


[San Diego Tribune Wed May-12-04]
Americans grappled with shocking new images of horror, from scenes of masked militants beheading a Pennsylvania man to descriptions of U.S. soldiers torturing and humiliating Iraqi prisoners. After days of issuing apologies, President Bush shifted from defense to offense with a tough condemnation of terrorists.

Splashed across front pages, the ghastly pictures just before the decapitation of Nicholas Berg provided ammunition for those who think the world's outrage over prisoner abuse has been overblown or misdirected, when the real enemy is al-Qaeda and like- minded terrorist groups.

"As bad as some of the things were that were done to Iraqi prisoners, it didn't involve beheading," said Sen. Jon Kyl, R- Ariz. "That doesn't justify it, but it does to some extent put it in context and show you what you're dealing with in terms of the enemy."

For days, conservative talk radio shows have simmered with anger about the heavy attention paid to abuses in Abu Ghraib prison by relatively few U.S. soldiers. The feeling spilled out in the Senate when Republican James Inhofe said he – and others – were "more outraged by the outrage than we are by the treatment" of the prisoners.

Loath to express regret, Bush has been forced to apologize repeatedly for the abuse of Iraqi prisoners. The issue has deepened doubts about his Iraq policy at a time when his approval rating is at the lowest point of his presidency. And, for the first time, Americans are divided over whether Bush or Democratic rival John Kerry would better handle Iraq.

Sur NBC, un journaliste met en cause la CIA...


[Al Jazeera - Wed May 12, 2004]
"...the CIA did it to take the heat off the Pentagon"--NBC reporter stated tonight prime time news, continuing, "...a story that will not die easily here in the Arab world". _ NBC Nightly News with Tom Brokaw, May 12th

Pour les néocons, c'est tout bonus !!!


[World Net Daily May 18, 2004]
For those who still doubt that ideology guides most of the world's major news media, the reporting of the Islamic ritual murder of Nick Berg provided textbook examples of an almost universally leftist bias. News media have essentially become propaganda organs for anti-Americanism.

We have already seen the hysteria over the Abu Ghraib abuses, with the daily running of photos on front pages and the continued news and editorial preoccupation that greatly damage the war effort. (If German prisoners in World War II had been stripped naked and humiliated to get information to save American lives, would any major American paper have published the photos during the war?)


Pour ceux qui n'ont pas réussi à passer sur le serveur de The Memory Hole, la vidéo est aux archives (fichier Windows Media et pèse 5 Mo):

L'analyse, plan par plan de la vidéo, fait apparaître des incohérences


[Liberty Forum 15.05.04]
I have just conducted a thorough frame by frame analysis of the Nick Berg footage. I've paid particular attention to the editing. I've included here a breakdown, shot by shot. I've tried to remain totally objective thoughout, and limit my analysis to the evidence we can see, and others can hopefully corroborate. My apologies for the messy layout. Given that camcorders always shoot sound in cync with the video, and that editing software keeps the sync automatically, it takes a deliberate act to produce a video that has sound out of sync with the video. That implies deception at work.

Un islamiste rigoriste porte-il-des bagouzes ?


[ABC News 13.05.04]
One of the clues the FBI and CIA is studying is the large gold ring Zarqawi is wearing on his right hand, giving off a glare several times during the six-minute tape. Islam forbids the wearing of gold by men. Crucial clues into the masked men seen in the videotaped beheading of American Nicholas Berg may come from the tape itself, as well as Berg's body, federal investigators involved in the case say.

L'assassin présumé, Zarqawi, est réputé avoir perdu une jambe, ce n'est pas le cas de la personne sur la vidéo


[Daily Local News Forum 15.5.04]
What I see here is that the body is definitely Berg, but he was already dead before the decapitation scene because there was no involutary flinching and very little blood loss.

Furthermore, Zarqawi has an artificial leg yet all of the figures in the video have both of their original legs as bestowed by nature and in good working condition. Right there all of you can conclude that the video was at least partially staged by someone, and there can be no other conclusion.

Furthermore, anthropological observations indicate the figures have Western builds, Western posture, Western movements and whitish hands. The clothing is way wrong. The sunglasses are also wrong. These guys look like a rock star group posing, not Arab terrorists.

Berg was either found dead or offed for some reason or other and his body used as a prop in a western psyop. That much is exceedingly clear.

Un médécin dénonce la vidéo comme étant un faux...


[La Voz de Aztlan 18.05.04]
The first casualty of war is the truth and this one has been no exception. La Voz de Aztlan obtained a copy of the video showing the beheading of American Nick Berg of Philadelphia and immediately something very odd was readily apparent. Not only were the purported screams of Nick Berg not in synchrony with the decapitation but there was also a total lack of blood spurting out as his jugular and other veins and arteries were being cut.

We forwarded the video to… a surgeon and forensic expert in Mexico City for his expert opinion. He wrote back and commented… that there is no way that the individual in the video was alive and his heart pumping while his neck was being cut. The doctor adds that in these cases, while the heart is pumping, cutting a person’s artery in the neck would cause copious amounts of blood to spurt all over the immediate environment. He says that in his opinion the video is a fraud. If you are able to view the video, please pay close attention to the five so called Al Qaeda terrorists making the political statement. Look at their height, weight, skin color and their mannerisms. Do you think these people are Arabs or Iraqis?

Les bizarreries continuent, par exemple l'absence de sang s'écoulant de la tête tranchée, l'accent non-jordanien de Zarqawi,les mensonges du FBI qui affirme n'avoir pas détenu Berg alors que c'est le cas, l'origine de la vidéo...


[Al Jazeera Thursday 13 May 2004]
There are plenty of questions raised concerning the video too. The body is completely motionless even as the knife is brought to bear ˆ not so much as an instinctive wriggle.

More graphically, some claim that cutting the throat's artery would cause a significant amount of blood. But little emerges and when the head was raised ˆ not a drop of blood is seen to fall.

However, the circumstances of the video release are also strange. A Reuters journalist in Dubai first named the Muntada al-Ansar al-Islami website as the source for the video ˆ at Although the site has now been shut down, had looked at the site within ninety minutes of the story breaking ˆ and could find no such video footage.

But Fox News, CNN and the BBC were all able to download the footage from the Arabic-only website and report the story within the hour.

Days leading to death - Other questions presented by bloggers are Berg's peculiar circumstances in the weeks before his death. Why would a private Jewish American citizen choose to wander around Iraq by himself? Additionally, some have pointed out that his last email on 6 April to his family stated he wished to return home as soon as possible ˆ yet the FBI claim he refused an offer of help to get home.

In the wider press, FBI involvement has also generated much discussion as to why Berg was really arrested and detained for two weeks in Mosul. The unemployed visitor was suspicious enough for Iraqi police to arrest him ˆ with FBI knowledge. He had only just been released from prison where he had been held for 13 days by Iraqi police for reasons he said he did not know.

Family blames government - A US newspaper claims an official familiar with the case knew that FBI agents had interogated Berg, but had left him for two weeks because he was in Iraqi - not American - custody. But the official was unable to clarify the legal difference between the two, given the US occupation.

Final question - Some bloggers focused on the accent of the purported executioner. Many deny the accent is either Iraqi or Jordanian - while claims the voice is Egyptian or Iranian have been made. The Jordanian accused of the beheading Berg is himself believed to have been killed in March, according to two Islamist groups. An eight-page leaflet circulated this week in Falluja, Abu Musab al-Zarqawi was killed in the Sulaimaniya mountains of northern Iraq during a US bombing. But even if it was the Jordanian, one discussion room member observes his face is so well-known that "why would he bother to cover it?"

La video de l'assassinat de Berg a été mise en ligne a Londres


[ 15-05-04] Has Traced The Address Of 'Islamic Website' That Posted The Berg Decapitation Video To London, England - The Video Was Uploaded From London, Not Iraq. After several hours of research, has learned the web addresses for the 'Islamic Websites' that posted the Nick Berg decapitation video. The website addresses are and . Both websites have apparently been disabled by 'authorities.' The location of the web server is reportedly in Malaysia. However, the addresses of the publishers for these sites are located in London, England and Nurnberg, Denmark.

L'analyste du monde arabe sur CNN relève des erreurs dans la traduction américaine de la bande son et ne confirme pas la thèse officielle


[CNN 12.05.04]
O'BRIEN: Interesting. All right, now one final thought here. You did a very careful translation of your own, of the statement. And in it, you see no reference to al Qaeda. And yet the official U.S. government translation does. Explain how that happened.

NASR: Oh, I find it very interesting, because out of the blue, there is a mention of al Qaeda on the U.S. government translation. It says: "Does al Qaeda need any further excuses?" Any speaker of the Arabic language is going to notice a difference between the word al Qaeda, which means "the base," and al qaed, which means "the one sitting, doing nothing."

My translation says: "Is there any excuse for the one who sits down and does nothing?" Basically they're telling people, you have no excuse for not doing anything, for not acting and defending Islam and so forth. Whereas the U.S. government translation has this factual error, I'm sure it's an honest mistake, but basically it sort of adds al Qaeda to the statement, which is not on the statement. (...)

Now, of course, the original claim was that Zarqawi is the actual man who performed this execution. Our experts listened to the accent, as you said, and they determined the accent is not Jordanian...

O'BRIEN: He is a Jordanian who is working supposedly, allegedly, at the behest of al Qaeda in Iraq. So go ahead.

NASR: Right, he is very close to Bin Laden, and works, you're right, as an agent of al Qaeda in Iraq. Now, the accent is not Jordanian so that takes the Jordanian element out of the story immediately.

O'BRIEN: All right, Octavia Nasr, we don't know exactly how that got in there. We'll try to get more on that. We appreciate you bringing that all to light and appreciate your insights, of course.

Incroyable !!! Berg avait prété son ordinateur portable à un "mec rencontré dans le bus" qui s'avérait être Zack Moussaoui - mieux, celui-ci utilisé le compte mail de Nick Berg...


[l'Humanité 18.05.04]
Le jeune Américain décapité par un groupe d'al Qaeda a croisé Zacarias Moussaoui aux États-Unis. Détenu par des militaires de la coalition il a été interrogé à trois reprises par le FBI.


[CNN 15.05.04]
When Nicholas Berg took an Oklahoma bus to a remote college campus a few years ago, the American recently beheaded by terrorists allowed a man with terrorist connections to use his laptop computer, according to his father.

Michael Berg said the FBI investigated the matter more than a year ago. He stressed that his son was in no way connected to the terrorists who captured and killed him. Government sources told CNN that the encounter involved an acquaintance of Zacarias Moussaoui - the only person publicly charged in the United States in connection with the September 11, 2001, terror attacks.

According to Berg, his son was taking a course a few years ago at a remote campus of the University of Oklahoma near an airport. He described how on one particular day, his son met "some terrorist people - who no one knew were terrorists at the time." At one point during the bus ride, Berg said, the man sitting next to his son asked if he could use Nick's laptop computer. "It turned out this guy was a terrorist and that he, you know, used my son's e-mail, amongst many other people's e-mail who he did the same thing to," Berg said. Government sources said Berg gave the man his password, which was later used by Moussaoui, the sources said.

The sources said the man who used Berg's e-mail knew Moussaoui, now awaiting trial on federal charges that could bring a death sentence. But the sources would not disclose details of how the men were connected. Berg said his son cooperated fully with an FBI investigation into the matter.

"He was happy to cooperate, and that was never an issue," he said. He emphasized that the individual was not a friend of his son's or even an acquaintance

"just a guy sitting next to him on the bus." "Whoever was next to my son was treated with great respect and friendship. Like I said, he knew no dangers from people. The FBI were satisfied with that."


[Fox news 13.05.04]
Nicholas Berg, the American businessman executed by Islamic extremists in Iraq, may have had contact with accused Sept. 11 conspirator Zacarias Moussaoui. FBI agents interviewed Berg a few years ago when they were investigating the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks on New York and Washington, sources said. He was interviewed because, unbeknownst to him, Moussaoui had used his e-mail account when he was in Oklahoma.

Sources close to the situation told Fox News that they believed the link to be "coincidental." The disclosure later Thursday that Berg may have had contact with Moussaoui deepened the mystery of the businessman's plight.,2933,119896,00.html

Aux US le FBI ne voyait rien de suspect avec Berg, malgré le fait qu'il ait éte en contact avec Moussaoui, mais une fois arrivé en Irak c'est le FBI qui a donné l'ordre d'arreter Nick Berg


[News24 13/05/2004]
Nick Berg, the US hostage shown being beheaded by Islamic radicals, was held for two weeks in Iraq at the FBI's request for travelling without documents while his identity was checked, a US general said on Thursday.

"Berg was in Mosul. He was travelling alone. The Iraqi police found him without any documentation. Iraqi police was suspicious and took him into custody" Brigadier General Carter Ham, who heads the Olympia Task Force, said in this northern Iraqi city.

"FBI asked (police) to keep him until they knew who he was" Ham told journalists. Coalition officials said on Wednesday the US Federal Bureau of Investigation had eventually established Berg was not involved in any "criminal or terrorist" activities.,,2-10-1460_1526618,00.html

Contrairement à ce qu'affirme l'Administration, Berg était bien prisonnier des forces de la coalition. Pourquoi mentent-ils ?


[Associated Press 13.05.04]
Nicholas Berg's family has e-mails from a U.S. diplomatic official in Iraq saying the U.S. military had detained him there. Government officials have said Berg - who was later beheaded - was held by Iraqi police and was never in the custody of American forces. Berg's relatives say his detention set up the circumstances that contributed to his death.

The family showed The Associated Press an April first e-mail from Beth Payne, the U.S. consular officer in Iraq. She wrote that he was "being detained by the U.S. military in Mosul." She also said he was safe and she would try to get a contact person for the parents. Berg's brother says the government should come clean about contacts with the American civilian before he died.


[CBS News May 13, 2004]
The family of slain American Nick Berg had claimed the U.S. government detained him just before militants kidnapped him. But the FBI says Iraqi police detained Nick Berg, and the Iraqi police say they did not.

The question of who detained Berg and why could be important because his detention may have delayed his departure enough that Berg was swept up in the recent escalation of violence in Iraq.

Berg's body was found near a highway overpass in Baghdad on Saturday, the same day he was beheaded, a U.S. official said. A Web site on Tuesday posted video in which he identified himself and was beheaded by masked men who claimed the killing was revenge for the abuse of Iraqi detainees.

On April 5, the Bergs filed suit in federal court in Philadelphia, contending that their son was being held illegally by the U.S. military. The next day Berg was released, the family said. He told his parents he hadn't been mistreated. His family last heard from him April 9 but it was unclear when and where he was abducted. But coalition spokesman Dan Senor said Wednesday that Berg was never under U.S. custody despite claims from his family.

Autre truc bizarre, la boite de Nick Berg n'est pas enregistrée au registre du commerce à Philadelphie (Pennsylv.).


[Daily Local News 15.05.04]
If you own a business, you know that the paperwork requirements by the government are never-ending. But the Berg business seems to have avoided that. Nor does it seem to have a web site. Nor does it seem to advertise. Bear in mind that the Israeli Spy Ring was blown open by the revelation that Israeli agents were infiltrating US telecoms companies and using them to spy on police and citizens.

Elle existe vraiment cette société, ou c'est juste une couverture mal faite ?


[CyberDaily 05/14/2004]
Prometheus Methods Tower Services Inc., the business that cost Nick Berg his life in Iraq, has no records with the Pennsylvania Department of State. The company that specialized in building communications towers never registered with the Pennsylvania Corporation Bureau, said Brian McDonald, spokesman for the state department. McDonald conducted a search of the bureaus online list of registered businesses, but found no matches.

The same search done by a Daily Local News reporter produced the same results - several businesses contained the word "Prometheus" in their names. Only one is located in West Chester, and it is not related to Bergs business. Companies are not legally required to register with the state, but McDonald explained it is usually the first step an owner takes. "Youd be very foolish not to register your business with the department," he said. "It is nearly impossible to exist without doing it." "It is basically the infrastructure by which businesses are set up in the commonwealth," McDonald said.

McDonald added it is possible the business could be listed in the bureaus records under a different name. Searching the statewide yellow pages online found two company names containing the word "Prometheus" in Philadelphia. One is an Internet consulting business. An employee at the second one, which is called Prometheus Radio Project, said it was not affiliated with the business owned by the local man slain in Iraq by members of al-Qaida.

Officials at the Pennsylvania Department of Revenue and the Internal Revenue Service said state and federal laws prohibited their agencies from providing any records they had of Prometheus Methods Tower Services - even whether the company had ever filed a return.

"Any information that we get or is contained on a tax return I cant release," said Steve Kniley, press secretary for the state revenue department. "It is considered confidential under tax law." Tax records become public information only if a lien is filed against a business. According to Kniley, there are no liens against Bergs company. Bill Cressman, spokesman at the IRSs Philadelphia office, said the only companies with public tax records are nonprofit corporations.

Michael Berg briefly spoke about Prometheus during a press conference Thursday morning outside his home. "My son was not over there to make money," Michael Berg said. "My sons business, which was very profitable before he went to Iraq ..I will make good on anything the company owes anybody, but its pretty much going to be defunct." It is unclear how many employees Prometheus had. Michael Berg spoke of a "foreman" during the press conference. However, Nick Berg traveled to Iraq alone.

Par contre Nick Berg à travaillé à la prison d'Abou Ghraib...


[Associated Press, 12/05/2004]
Berg was inspecting communications facilities, some of which were destroyed in the war or by looters. During his time in Iraq, he struggled with the Arabic language and worked at night on a tower in Abu Ghraib, a site of repeated attacks on U.S. convoys and the location of the notorious prison where U.S. soldiers abused Iraqi inmates.

His father, Michael Berg, told the AP that Michael's sister, now dead, married an Iraqi man named Mudafer, who became close to Nicholas. In one of the e-mails, Nicholas Berg describes going to the northern city of Mosul, where he introduced himself to Mudafer's brother, identified as Moffak Mustaffa. ''We got along splendidly,'' Berg wrote. ''We spent a few hours and I helped him establish an e-mail account.''

Même la famille de Nick Berg trouve que ça pue... et porte plainte contre l'Administration américaine


[Al Jazeera Thursday 13 May 2004]
Family and friends of slain Nicholas Berg are angry that the US government denied he was in their custody in Iraq. As the body of Berg arrived back home, mystery surrounded not only his disappearance but also why he had been held by Iraqi police for about two weeks and questioned by FBI agents three times. Berg's family disputed US officials' claims that he was never in US custody.

"The Iraqi police do not tell the FBI what to do, the FBI tells the Iraqi police what to do. Who do they think they're kidding?" Berg's father, Michael, told reporters from his home in a Philadelphia suburb on Wednesday.

The FBI said on Wednesday it learned on 25 March that Iraqi police had detained Berg. The agency said Berg told FBI agents he was in Iraq to acquire contracts for his communication towers business. The intelligence agency said its agents emphasised the dangerous environment in Iraq and encouraged Berg to accept an offer from the Coalition Provisional Authority (CPA) in Iraq to facilitate his safe passage out of the country.

"The Iraqi police do not tell the FBI what to do, the FBI tells the Iraqi police what to do. Who do they think they're kidding?" Michael Berg

"Mr Berg refused these offers," the FBI statement said. "He also refused government offers to advise his family and friends of his status."

A family spokesman, however, rejected the suggestion that the 26-year-old Berg turned down a US offer to get him out of the country. "The idea that they offered to get Nic out and he turned them down, knowing his life was in danger, I don't believe that," neighbour Bruce Hauser said.

On 5 April, nearly two weeks after Berg disappeared in Iraq, the family sued in a Philadelphia federal court and named US Secretary of Defence Donald Rumsfeld as responsible for their son's disappearance. Berg was missing from 24 March until his release on 6 April, when he told his parents he had been detained by Iraqi police in Mosul. He disappeared again on 9 April after telling his parents he was looking for a safe way out.

Dan Senor, spokesman for the CPA in Baghdad, said on Wednesday that Berg had not been in US custody before or after his arrest. But US authorities in Iraq are nominally in charge of Iraqi police and the military. Senor said Berg was visited three times by the FBI for possibly suspicious activities, but determined he was "not involved in any criminal or terrorist activities".

"Mon fils est mort à cause des péchés de Bush et Rumsfeld"
Bon, il faut dire que Papa Berg est un militant d'extrème gauche, membre de A.N.S.W.E.R...


[Reuters Thu May 13 2004]
The father of Nick Berg, the American beheaded in Iraq directly blamed President Bush and Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld on Thursday for his son's death.

"My son died for the sins of George Bush and Donald Rumsfeld. This administration did this," Berg said in an interview with radio station KYW-AM. In the interview from outside his home in West Chester, Pennsylvania, a seething Michael Berg also said his 26-year-old son, a civilian contractor, probably would have felt positive, even about his executioners, until the last minute.

"I am sure that he only saw the good in his captors until the last second of his life," Berg said. "They did not know what they were doing. They killed their best friend." Two days after the publication of a video showing the execution of his son by five masked men, Berg attacked the Bush administration for its invasion of Iraq and its sponsorship of the Patriot Act, which gives sweeping powers of surveillance to the federal government.

Berg described the Patriot Act as a "coup d'etat." He added: "It's not the same America I grew up in."

Michael Berg's criticism came amid finger-pointing between Berg's family, U.S. military officials and Iraqi police over the young businessman's imprisonment before his execution. Michael Berg rejected U.S. government claims that his son had never been held by American authorities in Iraq. The Iraqi police chief in the city of Mosul has also contradicted statements by the U.S.-led coalition concerning the younger Berg's detention.

Nick Berg aurait dit avoir été arreté par la police à cause de son nom à consonnance juive...


[Daily Telegraph - Wed May-12-04]
Nicolas Berg, the American who was filmed being beheaded, had been previously arrested by Iraqi police and held on suspicion of being a spy because he had a Jewish name and an Israeli stamp in his passport, it emerged yesterday. Hugo Infante, 31, a Chilean photographer who stayed at the Al Fanar, said he had met Mr Berg around April 6 when the American returned to Baghdad two weeks after saying he was going to Mosul on business for two days.

..."He said, 'They arrested me because I had a Jewish last name and an Israeli stamp in my passport.' Then the Iraqi police put him with the US military because they thought he was a spy. Nick told me all this. He wasn't mad. It was just an adventure for him. He said, 'This shit happens. It was bad luck'."

et bien sûr, on croit tout de suite voir pointer le nez du Mossad


[Jewish Telegraph 15.05.04]
MYSTERY surrounded rumours this week that beheaded Nick Berg may have been working for Mossad. The 26-year-old American Jew had been in Israel before his ill-fated trip to Iraq. And claims that he was an Israeli agent have appeared on obscure American websites.

Berg, who was decapitated by Iraqi terrorists, had told friends he had been in Israel learning Hebrew and Arabic. He is understood to have visited Israel several times with his family. Berg, a dedicated weightlifter and amateur comedian, had an Israeli stamp in his passport when he entered Iraq - his second trip to the war-torn country since the fall of Saddam.

Berg, of West Chester, Pennsylvania, was becoming more Orthodox and wore tzitzit - although not in public. His heartbroken father Michael said Nick was a practising Jew and that "there was a better chance than not" that his captors knew it. "If there was any doubt that they were going to kill him, that probably clinched it," said Mr Berg.

Le papa de Nick Berg avait été ciblé comme 'ennemi d'état' par un site d'extrème droite militaire aux USA fréquenté par des membres de la police et de l'armée...


[Fintan Dunne, Editor - 12th May, 2004]
The family firm of beheaded American Nick Berg, was named by a conservative website in a list of 'enemies' of the Iraq occupation. That could explain his arrest by Iraqi police --a detention which fatally delayed his planned return from Iraq and may have led directly to his death.

The web site and forum has a reputation for right-wing views, fanatical Republicanism and relentless pro-war activism. On 7th March, 2004, just three weeks before the first anniversary of the invasion of Iraq, an 'enemies' list of anti-war groups and individuals was posted on the Free Republic forum.

It began: "Here you are, FReepers. Here is the enemy." - The list had been copied from publicly available endorsements of a call to action for an imminent anniversary antiwar protest on 20th March, 2004. The protest was being organized under the banner of the A.N.S.W.E.R Coalition (Act Now to Stop War & End Racism). Among those listed as having endorsed the call to action was this entry: "Michael S. Berg, Teacher, Prometheus Methods Tower Service, Inc." - That's Nick Berg's father, Michael who acts as business manager for his son in their family radio communications firm, Prometheus Methods Tower Service.

The web traffic to the Free Republic forum - and it's forum membership - include significant numbers of serving and former US military. Many members take their online activism very seriously. Some delight in causing mischief for those they think are identified as "enemies."

If that list could end up on an Internet forum, then it could just as readily end up with the FBI, and eventually in the hands of those in Iraq who are keen to track or harass antiwar activists entering the country.

Alternatively, the enthusiasts on Free Republic have the contacts and the clear determination to have ensured the list quickly got to the right places.

At the time the list was posted, Nick Berg had just come back from an Iraq trip lasting from late December to Feb. 1. He had reported no problems whatsoever with Iraqi police during that visit.

Yet, within two weeks of the list being posted, Nick Berg -back in Iraq on his final fatal trip - was reportedly detained in Mosul at an Iraqi police checkpoint. The official explanation is that authorities thought his identification might have been forged and were checking his authenticity.

The Bergs, both father and son cared deeply about Iraq. But they were on opposite sides of opinion on the occupation --though you would never know that from reading the New York Times. Michael was ardently antiwar, whereas his Bush-supporting son was in favor of the war to the extent that he had already visited Iraq seeking to help with rebuilding efforts.

Just seven days after "Michael Berg" and "Prometheus Methods Tower Service" had come up on that Iraq war 'enemies' list, his son Nick Berg returned to Iraq under the business name of Prometheus Methods Tower Service.

The scene was set for tragically mistaken suspicions --which were to end in the horrifying death of an honorable and blameless American.

By then authorities in Iraq had discovered that a 'Berg' of Prometheus Methods Tower Service was in the country, and issued a detention instruction to Iraqi police because they misidentified Nick Berg as an antiwar activist entering Iraq to work for the 'enemy'.

That could explain why he was held incommunicado for 13 days, without recourse to a lawyer; why US officialdom was singularly unheeding of his mother's pleas; why the FBI visited his family to question them; why it took a US court order secured by the family to pressure his release.

And why he was cruelly murdered soon after that release, like many others around the world who suffer such a fate at the hands of state-condoned death squads --sometimes just hours after their release from official detention.

That's the final sordid twist in this grisly story.

Sur le Net, ça discute sec !!!!


[Al Jazeera Thursday 13 May 2004]
Revolting millions around the world, the video footage of an American citizen's execution has also raised numerous questions concerning its authenticity. Even at first glance, internet bloggers were asking on Thursday why Nick Berg was wearing an orange jumpsuit ˆ just like US prisoners wear.

Other net-surfers point to the unlikely timing of the executioner's dubbed announcement that Berg was to die for "Iraqi prisoner abuse". Berg was last seen alive on 10 April, when his father Michael Berg believes he was killed - two weeks before the Abu Ghraib prisoner abuse scandal broke in the world's media.

Some discussions focus on the timing of the video's release - guaranteed to divert attention from the outrage regarding US torture of Iraqis.

Mieux que Britney Spears et les fesses vertes de Paris Hilton !!!


[Yahoo Finance 18.05.04]
Nick Berg (#1) has been the number one search term on The Lycos 50 since mid-week last week. During the first 48 hours following news of the Nick Berg execution, the top 10 search requests Web users were specifically searching for regarding Berg were: Nick Berg video, Nick Berg Beheading, Nick Berg and Iraq, Nick Berg Execution, Nick Berg Beheading Video, Nick Berg Killing, Nick Berg murder, Nick Berg assassination, Nick Berg decapitation video, and execution of Nick Berg. Late last week, Web users became focused on seeking out, finding, and watching the actual execution video and searches began emerging for: find Nick Berg video, watch Nick Berg beheading, and Nick Berg video link. Nick Berg-related searches are so prevalent that they dwarf all other searches, including the consistent pop-culture leaders. Over the past week, Nick Berg searches were 24 times higher than Britney Spears (#4), Paris Hilton (#6), and Clay Aiken (#5).

Bon , après ça part un peu dans tous les sens...


"...The terrorists in Berg's beheading video are communicating to each other in Russian ! One of them tells to the executioner who was cutting Berg's head: "Davay pozhivee !" meaning "Do it quicker !", or "Hurry up !" in pure unaccented Russian. Initially, I thought I was the only one who noticed it, but other Russian speakers confirmed it as well independently from me. So, who actually killed Berg ? BTW, "Allah o Akbar" they pronounce not with Arabic, but with a Russian-like accent. Also, their demeanor was not Arabic at all, but resembles that of people from the North Caucasus. Those were not Arabs ! "

S 21, la machine de mort khmer rouge - sortie en salles le 11 fevrier

S 21, la machine de mort
khmer rouge

Sortie le 11 Fevrier 2004

Rithy Panh : un homme face au génocide khmer : "Etre un passeur de mémoire me rend vie..." Rithy Panh avait 11 ans quand les Khmers rouges l'ont envoyé dans un camp. Rescapé parmi deux millions de fantômes, depuis, il filme. S 21, la machine de mort khmère rouge est ce récit de l'enfer.

decouvrez le quotidien VOLTAIRE

le quotidien
du Réseau Voltaire

Magazine quotidien d'analyses internationales

Depuis deux ans le Réseau Voltaire a développé ses publications jusqu'à proposer trois services quotidiens, deux services hebdomadaires et de nombreux articles et enquêtes supplémentaires. Progressivement, nous avons constitué un ensemble d'outils de veille documentaire, d'information, d'analyse et de prospective qui, regroupés de manière cohérente, lui permettent aujourd'hui de proposer un magazine quotidien de politique internationale.

le Cartel Bush - comment fabrique t'on un president des Etats Unis - par J. Hatfield

Le Cartel Bush
("Fortunate Son" de J. Hatfield)
Traduction française

Il y a les biographies de George W. Bush écrites par les communicants de la Maison-Blanche ou les journalistes « amis ». Et il y a Le Cartel Bush, la biographie non autorisée. Celle qui explore en détail l'entourage du président des États-Unis, ses affaires, ses retournements de veste, le financement de ses campagnes électorales, son addiction à la cocaïne… L'auteur, James Hatfield, fut menacé par deux proches conseillers du président devant témoins et retrouvé peu après, mort, dans un motel. La police assure qu'il s'est suicidé. Sa famille prétend qu'il a été assassiné.
Ce document exceptionnel a été traduit en français. Le Réseau Voltaire en assure la diffusion exclusive en France

THE FOG OF WAR - sortie en salles le 14 janvier

Un film
de Errol Morris
avec Robert S. McNamara
Sortie le 14 Janvier 2004

Ce documentaire est l'histoire de l'Amérique vue par l'ancien Secrétaire de la Défense américaine, Robert S. McNamara, personnalité parmi les plus controversées et les plus influentes de la scène politique internationale. A travers son analyse, nous redécouvrons les événements majeurs du XXe siècle.
Du bombardement de 100 000 civils japonais à Tokyo en 1945 au risque imminent de catastrophe nucléaire pendant la crise des missiles cubains, en passant par les effets dévastateurs de la guerre du Vietnam, The Fog of war examine la psychologie et les raisonnements des décisionnaires du gouvernement qui ont envoyé les hommes au combat.

CONDOR - l'axe du mal - sortie en salles le 21 janvier

Un documentaire
de Rodrigo Vasquez
Sélection au Festival de Cannes
Sortie le 21 Janvier 2004

C'est au nom de "la lutte contre le terrorisme" qu'une opération spéciale - nom de code CONDOR - a été menée dans les années 70 et 80 en Amérique du Sud. Cette lutte lancée par le Chili après le coup d'état du 11 septembre 1973 d'Augusto Pinochet, ciblait les mouvements de gauche.
Condor devint rapidement un réseau reliant les dictatures militaires, soutenu par le département d'Etat américain et la CIA.Le film de Rodrigo Vazquez, jeune cinéaste argentin, accompagne plusieurs victimes de CONDOR, toujours à la recherche de la vérité.. Il pousse certains leaders de Condor, hélas toujours en place, à témoigner. Depuis les évènements du 11 septembre 2001, ceux-ci revendiquent ouvertement être les pionniers de l'actuel combat contre le "terrorisme international"

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